The New Boy

Right, so there's a new boy at my school, his name's George, and he kind of changed my life:)


2. Bullying&Bruises

It was a Monday lunch time, and I was walking through the corridor chatting to Laura. There were people ahead of us gathered in a big circle, and the new boy was in the middle. He was lying on the floor, with a bruise forming on his face.

Of course the ring-leader of the group was Craig Finn. The biggest bully in school, so if you were sensible enough you wouldn't even breathe in his direction, but I guess George didn't know that. Obviously not.

People were chanting and 'Ooo' ing. I was just standing there open mouthed.

"You wont stand a chance against me mate" Craig snarled whilst kicking George in the back.

"You wanna show me what you got ?" He carried on, ignoring George's pleading for Craig to stop.

Craig had a group of friends, who all the girls called 'the Craigsters' which was a pretty pathetic name I thought. They went around school helping Craig beat the shit out of anyone they could put their hands on. Of course being the new boy, George was the victim they chose that day. And even though I was as scared as anything, I couldn't let it carry on.

"I'm going to stop this" I whispered to Laura, who looked at me like I was mad.

"No way Katy", she warned as she held me back, "he'll beat the crap out of you instead".

"I don't care, I've had enough of him" I told her, whilst I wiggled my arm free and stepped forward so I was in the middle of the circle too.

"Is this your little boyfriend?" Craig said to me in a mock high-pitched girl voice, making all of the circle laugh.

"No, but I'm not going to let you throw him around like shit." I snapped.

"Ooh, I'd like to see you try and stop me" Craig laughed, a horrible sound, like the really annoying noise a pen makes when you write on a whiteboard or something.

So I stepped forward, and I made sure I was directly in front of his horrible face, and I slapped him. Hard. I knew it was really hard because my hand hurt like hell afterwards, and it left a bright red mark on Craig's cheek.

When I did this everyone gasped, I knew I'd just got myself in deep crap, so I pulled George up from off the floor and I legged it, him following behind me. I ran into an empty classroom and George followed me inside, I shut the door and panted, getting my breath back. 'wow, I really need to get fit' I thought to myself.

"Thank you" George smiled shyly at me.

"No problem, that was pretty fun! You don't know how amazing I feel right now, I just slapped the 'baddest boy in school' " I laughed.

We started talking then, about what we liked and didn't like, about how much of an idiot Craig was. We just clicked straight away, it was like we'd been friends for ages. I still remember that day like it was yesterday.

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