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6. When People...

I hate it when people steal my stuff. From books to clothes to food.

I have this one friend and everytime I bring a book to school to she steals it and won't give it back. And when I finish a book, she will open to a random page and start quizzing me. Just because I've read it once doesn't mean I have it freakin memorized.

When people steal my food... It pisses me off so bad. If I say don't eat that donut they will try and pretend that they are going to eat it and I get so mad. Aforementioned friend will also steal my lunch at school if I get up to get a drink or a fork. Don't freakin fu** with me or my food. You will get hurt.

I also hate when people pretend to do something and it stresses me out. Previously mentioned friend and another friend once faked a fight on our way to Magic Mountain and it stressed me and my other friends out so bad because their fights get ugly. Like one time, we had a full out hair pulling, pinching, punching, slapping and tackling because one stole the others binder. And it was at school during break and I guess the aids didn't see anything surprisingly seeing as how there was probably five girls either fighting each other or trying to break up the fight.

I also hate when I get candy or something and then my parents eat it all. Like seriously guys, can't I have my own candy without you and my brother eating it? You have money to buy your own candy and they do, yet they still feel the need to eat mine. Do any of your guy's parents do that?

When guys hit back... Like really? I hit you for a reason and because you hit me back you will be hit again. You should have learned your lesson with the first hit, but nooo you have to hit back.

When teachers tease you for the day. My science teacher likes to joke that I'm constantly grumpy even when I'm not. Or my math teacher will joke that I could have done better even though I couldn't have. My science teacher does that too. Do your teachers do that too?


TWO UPDATES IN TWO DAYS! Aren't you guys lucky? Anyways same message as always. Comment rants, favorite, like, and answer the questions that I asked that might've sounded rhetorical.


FeliscisFeather19734 (Hater of many things)

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