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Just rants about anything and everything.


1. Grammar and All That Good Stuff

Grammar. It's incredibly important yet some people on Movellas don't understand that. I hate it when I come across stories that have terrible grammar, punctuation, or spelling. Yes, we all make mistakes once in awhile, but does that mean we need to keep repeating those mistakes. No! Come on people, it's not that hard.

Paragraphs! Yes, they invented this thing called paragraphs. A new paragraph for a new idea. It is hard to read through one solid block of text. A new paragraph for a new idea. A new paragraph for dialogue. Once again, it's not that hard. 

Stories written in play form. Ah, yes. Those stories that are written like a play. It's a STORY for crying out loud, not a play. I did not come here to read a play. If I wanted to do that, I would have joined my drama group at school instead of art. I hate reading plays, so can people start writing STORIES and not plays. I get that it is easier to write it like a play, but really people? Are you that lazy?!

While scrolling through the comments on those plays/stories, all I see is: "plz update" "this is so good." "ur such a good writer."  "this is so cute plz update." Is anybody, besides me, noticing this? I mean, really people? I honestly want to comment a nice long comment about their story and what needs to be worked on and yada yada, but people are so easily offended on the Internet. I just want to give honest critique, but I know I will be attacked for it. If I say that stuff needs to be fixed and it is currently a horrible story, that with a bit of work can be transformed into a wonderful story, people are going to start saying mean things to me. 



I'll leave off there for tonight before I go on an even bigger rampage. I don't mean to hurt anybody's feelings, this is just a way for me to vent my feelings without going in Instagram and having my whole family see. Good night/morning/afternoon. (It is currently 2:00 AM where I am as I type this and I really should go to sleep.)

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