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2. Grammar and All That Good Stuff (cont.)

Text speak. It's so gosh darn annoying. It's hard to read and if you pick a published book you won't find text speak anywhere in there, except for texts. Write it out for crying out loud it's not that freaking hard. (I tend to say that a lot) Everytime I come on Movellas, my eyes want to bleed. Please people! Grammar is important. Yes, people make mistakes and they are called typos, but when you do it over and over it is just unacceptable. 

Spacing. This is extremely important because nobody wants to read a sentence thatlookslikethis. It's hard to read and it's ugly as (excuse my language I feel that this might have a few cuss words seeing as how these are things that piss me off) hell. Please press the space bar inbetween words, periods, and commas. Pretty please, with a TWO cherries on top. 

Capitilization. Capitalize names, places (i.e Taj Mahal, New York City), titles. It looks so much better.

Ex.- i flew to new york city. it was beautiful and i fell in love with everything there. 

I flew to New York City. It was beautiful and I fell in love with everything there. 

Better? I think yes.  


A/N Made this nice and short. Comment anything that pisses you off and I might just rant about it. I should probably change the rating to yellow. Off to do that now. 



Grammar freak and very pissed off at the world (almost) teenager. 

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