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3. Fan-Fiction and Directioners


This is not meant to offend anyone!! If you're a Directioner, I have nothing against you, but you might want to read cautiously.

The amount of 1D fan-fiction on this site is unbelievable! Most of them aren't even that good. Yet, all you see in the comments is "update update." And they have hundreds of views, likes, and favorites.

Most of them are about sex, rape, kidnapping, and teenage pregnancy. I mean honestly, when would 1D do anything like that. I think if they saw these Movellas, they would be sad and ashamed of their fans.

In what published book or real life story have you heard where the victim likes being raped or falls in love with their kidnapper(s)? Stockholm Syndrome is a very dangerous thing. What teenager is happy about being a parent at 16? For most of them it means their life is over. No school, no college, and no job. Their parents could kick them out or disown them!

I've read very few good fan-fiction about 1D. It doesn't mean it's not out there, it just means it's hard to find. "Grip" is actually pretty good. (I can't remember the author.) I'm not a Directioner but, every once in awhile, I'll check one out and it makes my eyes bleed and gives me a headache.

In fact most fan-fiction is just ugh. There are some good fanfic writers out there, such as Ghalia Writes, the author of Magical Month and Magical Year.

It's sad that the most popular stuff is badly written, inappropriate, 1D stuff. There are actually some great writers on Movellas, but they aren't noticed because they don't write 1D fanfic or fanfic at all.

The One Direction thing is out of control! They have their own section, yet I find 1D in every genre. I go to other genres to get away from 1D, but it's still there in every gosh darn genre.



This rant was suggested to me. I hope I didn't offend anyone, but if I did, that's your own fault. I gave you a fair warning.

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