Not how I remember you?

I remember my best friend. Little Luke Brooks. But I just ran into him. He's in a band with his brothers. And damn, has he changed! Hes wow.


3. Perfect ending.

"We should go..." I said. We got up and got in the car. "You hungry?" he asked. 

"Starved" I giggled.

He drove to a little diner. "This okay?" he asked.

"Yeah" I smiled. We walked in and sat down. We ordered. 

"I really missed you Brooks" I smiled.

"I missed you too" he smiled.

"so what do you know for fun?" I asked.

He smiled to himself. "This is going to sound pretty stupid" he said.

"No just tell me"

"Me and my brothers and two friends make YouTube videos"

I smiled. 

"That's sounds cool and fun" I smiled. He smiled. His eyes were the prettiest color and when he looked at me I just got lost in them. And I was totally attracted to him more with the lip and nose piercing. He was so charming!

"Yeah it is a lot of fun" he smiled. 

"Do you guys have a name?"

"The janoskians"

"Ooo I like it" I giggled. He laughed.

We talked for hours. Then it was like ten thirty pm.

"I ought to drive you home" he smiled.

"Yeah" I smiled. He drove to the house. We bothe got out and stopped at the door. 

"This was a lot of fun!" I smiled. "I know I really miss hanging out with you" he said. 

I smiled. We both leaned in. But I slid as kisse him on the cheek. 

"Goodnught Luke" I said.

"Sweet dreams" he said. Then I walked inside.

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