Happily (A 1D Fanfic)

Spending a week at the beach couldn't be more perfect, especially when it ends with a One Direction concert. But after a chance meeting turns into a friendship, they end up spending a lot of time together, and maybe this friendship could turn into something more.

**The same basic plot line and characters are also in a fan fiction on watt pad under my friend Baylei's account. Her username there is Baylei_bird23 We both came up with the names, characters, and title together and then the basic plot line and since then have probably ended up with completely different versions!**


5. Chapter 5

(SkylarAnne's POV)

"So, how've you guys been enjoying being on tour?"  I ask.  As the time has passed, it gets easier and easier to talk to these boys-- they're so laid back and easygoing.

"It's definitely different,"  Liam laughs.  "But I think its a good different, even though it does have it's drawbacks."

"Yeah, I would completely agree."  Niall nods.  "The food on tour's great though, because we get to go to tons of different places."  I laugh.  He is literally the perfect friend for Natalee-- they're both easygoing, fun-loving, and more importantly, food obsessed!!

"SkylarAnne, it's been really fun to hang out with you, Lizzie, and Natalee," Liam says.  I tense up sensing a dismissal and the end to this amazing night.  Liam looks behind me, to where Louis and Lizzie are sitting on the couch, and then to my left, where Natalee, Zayn, and Harry are talking and looking at something on the table.  As I watch, Natalee throws her head back, laughing, as Harry grins and blushes.  Awww.

"Yeah, its been really fun to hang out with you guys too!" I reply, trying not to let my disappointment show.

"So I was thinking, maybe we could do it again sometime?"  He asks.  "I mean, I know that we have the two other shows here next weekend and the week after that, but in between, we'd love to catch up and get to know you girls a little bit better.  I mean, look at Lou.  If he has to leave Lizzie and never see her again he will legitimately not talk to us for the rest of tour.  I honestly haven't seen him this happy talking to a girl since he broke up with Eleanor, and that's a pretty big deal.  Anyone that can make him happy like that is a friend of ours."

"That would be awesome!"  I exclaim, after struggling to keep my jaw form dropping the entire time he was talking.  This is not what I was expecting.

"Plus,"  He adds.  "I think Harry has a thing for Natalee, even though he won't admit it, and I think its really big for him.  He's been flirtatious, but not in the same way he is with other girls.  With other girls he's much more up front, which makes me think that he likes her more than other girls and... I don't know.  I'd like to give him the chance to figure out where this goes."

"Yeah, that's cool.  It's nice that you're looking out for him like that."

"Well, luckily I don't have to do much, since Lizzie and Louis are obviously head-over-heels for each other and are probably planning our next outing as we speak!"  Liam laughs, and I laugh with him, looking over again at Liz and Lou.  

"Hey, Sky, Nat!"  I hear her say as she looks up at me.

"Yeah?" I hear Nat say, and I listen, nodding to show that I'm paying attention.

"What are we doing tomorrow for lunch?"  She asks, somewhat bashfully as her face turns red.  Undoubtedly, she'll kill us if we say we have plans.  Luckily, we don't have plans, so we simply tell the truth.

"Nothing, right now."  I say.  "Why?"  Even though I know perfectly well why.

"Oh, Louis was wondering if we'd want to meet them for lunch tomorrow on the beach, maybe?"

"Yeah, that'd be cool if you guys would come.  We were planning on heading that way anyway, so we could just meet up for a picnic?" Zayn says, looking inquisitively at Natalee.  She looks at him intently, nodding.  Harry looks at Zayn, then at Natalee.  Then he speaks quickly.

"It would be really fun-- we could come pick you up from your house tomorrow morning at say, 11 o'clock?" He asks Natalee, trying to direct her attention from Zayn to Harry.  Drama......?

"Yeah, that sounds fine by me.  What do you all think?" She asks.  Lizzie immediately nods and I voice my agreement.

"Well, tomorrow it is then,"  Niall says, popping another slice of pizza into his mouth.

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