Happily (A 1D Fanfic)

Spending a week at the beach couldn't be more perfect, especially when it ends with a One Direction concert. But after a chance meeting turns into a friendship, they end up spending a lot of time together, and maybe this friendship could turn into something more.

**The same basic plot line and characters are also in a fan fiction on watt pad under my friend Baylei's account. Her username there is Baylei_bird23 We both came up with the names, characters, and title together and then the basic plot line and since then have probably ended up with completely different versions!**


4. Chapter 4

(Lizzie’s POV)


“C’mon, guys, hurry up!” I say, grabbing Natalee’s hand and pulling her through the crowd as she grabs SkylarAnne’s hand.  We’re heading backstage, after having picked up our shiny, brand-spanking new lanyards with plastic sleeves on the ends.  And what’s in those plastic sleeves, you ask?  Our backstage passes, of course.


Excuse me while I fangirl.


We flash our backstage passes at the security guard and tell him our names, who nods his head and lets us through.  Apparently, everyone else with backstage passes went before the concert, and Harry left our names for everyone backstage so we could get through afterwards.


Did I mention he’s totally in love with Natalee?  But don’t tell her that.  She’s completely naïve and doesn’t realize it.


Don’t tell her I said that last part either.


“Lizzie!”  I hear a familiar voice say.  I turn to see a smiling, happy face with stunning eyes and a dazzling smile.


“Louis!” I exclaim, giving him a hug.  “Good to see you again.”  After talking to him at the meet and greet, I’ve gotten over my awkwardness.  Sort of, anyway.  As long as I can forget that I’m talking to 1/5 of One Direction, I’m fine.


“Here, let’s go.  I’ll take you to the rest of the boys, they’re getting food.”  Natalee looks at me, mouthing the word ‘food’ as we go.  She’s crazy about food; it can actually be a little scary how much she eats.  But I digress.


(Harry’s POV)


“So you told the security guards to kick everyone out at the meet and greet just so you could talk to Natalee one on one?”  Liam looks at me in disbelief.  I nod.


“Is that weird, then?  Should I not have done that?”  I ask nervously.


“Well there’s nothing you can do about it now, I suppose,” He responds.  Then, he grins.  “You’re such a flirt, you,” I shrug.


“I like her,” I say simply.


“This is the first city that you’ve given away backstage passes at,” Liam admits, picking up some food as he paces by the table.  “I’m actually impressed.  The tour’s more than half over.  What made her stand out to you so much?”  He asks curiously.


“She was different.  All three of them were.  Everyone in there was screaming, giggling, there were four that fainted—and that’s a low number for these meet and greets!”  I laugh.  “But when I saw their little group of three, completely composed, ready to treat us like normal guys instead of teen superstars, it made me really happy.  I wasn’t exactly sure what I was feeling, but I knew I had to talk to her, and the perfect way to do that was to give backstage passes to her and her friends.  I know I might like her, but I need to know for sure.”


“Deep,” Liam says, impressed.


“Boys, we have visitors!” I hear Louis announce in a sing-song voice.  He enters the room, where Liam and I have just finished talking, Zayn is looking at his phone, and Niall is filling up a plate at the long table of food to my right.  Behind Louis walk Lizzie, SkylarAnne, and of course, Natalee.  They look happy, laughing and smiling, with each other and with Louis, who I’m sure has entertained them by talking—the whole time, most likely.

“Hi, guys,” Natalee says, in her cute little American accent.  She gives a little wave, which I happily return, along with what I hope is a welcoming smile.


“Hello,” We all chorus. 


“Welcome, ladies!  Help yourself to any of the food,” Liam says, ever the gentleman.


“Don’t mind if I do,” Natalee says with a nervous smile.  She steps by me and takes a plate, starting to pile food on it.  I walk up behind her and subtly slide my arm around her shoulder when she’s done.



(Natalee’s POV)


I finish putting food on my plate—I hope I didn’t take too much—and step back from the table.  All of a sudden I feel an arm slide around my shoulders and hear a familiar voice.




“Did you enjoy the concert, love?”  Harry asks, looking slightly down at me and into my eyes.  The idea that Harry Styles may or may not be flirting with me?  It’s a little scary.  But I know he doesn’t like me, and I also know his reputation for being a huge flirt everywhere he goes.  And this little routine he’s got going on has probably melted the hearts of many a teenage girl.  But not me.


“Yes, I did.”  I say, tensing my shoulders.  I use the question as an excuse to step away from him—and his arm around my shoulder—and grab SkylarAnne’s arm, pulling her into the conversation.  Liam and Niall, who she’s been talking to, join us.


“We all did,” I continue.  “Didn’t we?” I ask SkylarAnne.


“Didn’t we what?”  She asks, clearly confused.


“Enjoy the concert,” I prompt her.  Her eyes light up.


“Yeah! It was amazing.  You guys were so good,” She says, with such enthusiasm and sincerity that Liam, Niall, and Harry all thank her in earnest.  I hope that Skylar gets a little more attention from Liam tonight, she really likes him. 


With that in mind, I lean over and ask SkylarAnne where Lizzie is.  She nods her head behind her, where Lizzie and Louis are sitting close to each other on the couch, talking and laughing and giggling. 


“They seem to be getting along nicely,” I say with a smile.


“Lou really likes her,” Liam admits to us.  “After you all left the meet and greet he was so sad that he hadn’t gotten Lizzie’s number, he only became his usual happy self again when Harry told him that he gave you all backstage passes.”


“Awww!” I exclaim.  “That’s so cute,” I laugh.  It’s great that Lizzie and Louis have hit it off. 



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