Happily (A 1D Fanfic)

Spending a week at the beach couldn't be more perfect, especially when it ends with a One Direction concert. But after a chance meeting turns into a friendship, they end up spending a lot of time together, and maybe this friendship could turn into something more.

**The same basic plot line and characters are also in a fan fiction on watt pad under my friend Baylei's account. Her username there is Baylei_bird23 We both came up with the names, characters, and title together and then the basic plot line and since then have probably ended up with completely different versions!**


2. Chapter 2

(SkylarAnne's POV)

"Looooooook," I say, drawing out the word as much as I can.  "There they are!"  Standing at the front of the longest line of teenage girls I have ever seen are the five hottest boys on the planet.  I might faint.  We're the very, very last ones in for the meet and greet, and I'm so nervous and excited all at the same time.  Natalee looks bored with the line, since we're not close enough for pictures yet, I see her reach into her back pocket for her headphones.  I smack her hand.

"No music today, Nat!" I exclaim.  "We are here today for something other than your music!"

"We're here to see a band that plays music for a living, and you're saying I can't refresh myself on their latest lyrics....." She protests, but after seeing my face, she reluctantly puts the headphones back into her pocket and turns to Lizzie, who is craning to get a good look at the boys-- mainly Louis, he's her favorite.  Suddenly, she turns around with a gasp, and nearly hits me.

"Woah!  What's up?" I say.

"You can see them really well now!!" She exclaims.  I crane my neck and can just see the side of Liam Payne's perfect, perfect face.

"Guys!" I faintly hear Natalee say as Lizzie and I start to hardcore fangirl.  "Listen to me!"  She sighs.  "GUYS!"  We look at her mid-squeal.  "Is this how you want to be remembered by your favorite boy band?  Squealing and giggling like every other girl in here?"  Lizzie and I look at each other and nod.  She's got a point.

"Yeah, if we don't squeal we'll probably make more of an impression than anyone else." I say.  So, we take a deep breath, and calm ourselves down.  And finally, after what seems like ages, the line begins to move.


(Harry's POV)

It's just like every other meet and greet, with tons of screaming, giggling, flirtatious girls.  Although that's flattering, it can get kind of annoying about halfway through.  But then, I notice a small group of girls, three of them.  They look calm, composed, and--get this-- they aren't screaming, fainting, OR crying.

They're different.  

As they move closer, I see a short, blonde girl and a slightly taller dirty blonde in the group.  They look nice.  I crane my neck, looking for the third member of their group, and finally my eyes find her.  She's tall, taller than almost everyone in the room, with long, wavy brown hair.  Even from this distance, I can feel her surely gorgeous eyes lock on mine, and I try to hold her gaze for as long as possible.  I don't think she notices me, though, because she turns to say something to the other two girls, who laugh, smiling widely.  So she's funny.  That's great.  I have only one thought in my head as they inch closer and closer to myself and the boys.

I need to talk to her.

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