Happily (A 1D Fanfic)

Spending a week at the beach couldn't be more perfect, especially when it ends with a One Direction concert. But after a chance meeting turns into a friendship, they end up spending a lot of time together, and maybe this friendship could turn into something more.

**The same basic plot line and characters are also in a fan fiction on watt pad under my friend Baylei's account. Her username there is Baylei_bird23 We both came up with the names, characters, and title together and then the basic plot line and since then have probably ended up with completely different versions!**


1. Chapter 1

(Natalee's POV)

"Guys! Let's go!" I say, tapping my foot impatiently.  My best friends Lizzie and SkylarAnne have been waiting for this day for weeks-- months even-- and now we're gonna be late.

"Coming! Hang on,"  I hear from the hallway.  We're staying in a beach house, that we rent every summer, and finally, the girls had gotten what they wanted: Meet and greet tickets for One Direction.

Why am I going, you ask?  I'm not a fangirl, you say, so why did you pay for the ticket?  Well, I do like their music, not gonna lie.  And even though I don't know all of their birthdays, or where they were born, they do seem like genuine guys, and I thought that they'd be cool to meet.

"Okay! Let's go!"  I hear, as two girls come barreling towards the front door, one fixing a bobby pin into her hair and the other pulling on a pair of crochet Toms.

"Finally!" I say in mock exasperation.  "You'd never know you were excited for this, considering it took you five hours to get ready!!!" They smile back at me sheepishly.

"Sorry, Nat, but this is a big deal!" Lizzie says, grabbing her phone and solid blue Ray-Ban sunglasses.  She's wearing simple dark wash jean shorts and blue shirt designed with pretty, sparkling swirls on the front.  Her shoulder-length blonde hair is straightened and pinned back with a simple hair clip.  She has on tan crochet Toms, and she heads out the door.  She is closely followed by SkylarAnne, who has long dirty blonde hair with bangs pinned back by a bobby pin, white jean shorts, and a simple yet stylish white, pink, and orange ombre tank top.  As she heads out the door she slides her phone into the back pocket of her shorts and puts on her white Ray-Bans.

Then, there's me.  I'm the tallest of the three, my hair long and brown.  I put it in beachy waves today, since I had extra time to get ready, and I'm wearing medium wash jeans shorts and a slouchy tribal print racerback tank, my favorite summer shirt.  I slide on my teal Toms as I close and lock the door behind us, and put my favorite silver framed Aviators over my eyes as I catch up to Lizzie and SkylarAnne on the boardwalk.

Ahh, summer.  It's gonna be an interesting couple of hours.

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