Into Oblivion


1. Into Oblivion

The snow down heavily as she walked.

As she walked, she imagined a different life. A life where she was happy.

Where her parents didn't fight.

Where her brother was still alive.

Where she had boyfriend that was liked her for her, and didn't try to change her.

But that boat had sailed long ago.

Her parents fought every night ever since her brothers death from a drug overdose. They never knew about the addiction. They never knew that he was being bullied at school. He told them that he was hanging out at a friends house every time he went out. A young couple found him by the river. They called an ambulance and performed CPR. The paramedics did everything they could to save him. The last time she saw him alive was in a hospital bed.

Her boyfriend has known her since she was 5. They started dating when she was 15. And he began to criticise her when she was 17. At first it was little things like the way she wore her hair and what makeup she wore and then it progressed to her weight and figure.

He told her that she was fat and that she should loose weight.

She continued walking forwards, into the forest. She saw her parents hugging and waving. She saw her brother, happy. And there was a boy in the place where her boyfriend would be. He offered her his hand. She smiled and took it gladly.

They walked forward, into the snow, into oblivion.

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