The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


5. Was it a dream?

Rachel POV

      I fluttered my eyes open and I'm in the woods? I don't understand I thought I was with Niall. Was it a dream, I hear whispering. I look side to side in front and behind me. I don't see anybody, I look up in case they or someone is in the trees but I don't see anybody, but I still hear the whispering.

Niall POV

      Rachel past out last night in my bed so I went downstairs and slept on the couch. I never got to tell her. I'm going to go check on her. I walk upstairs and into my room, what the hell! Where is she???? Did they take her? God damn I'm so fucking stupid! I need to protect her!

rachel POV

        "Let me go!" I scream in fear and in frustration. I don't know why these men are keeping me hostage? That man right there is the one from yesterday. I'm still decided if it was a dream with Niall though. Maybe I was here the whole time, Niall never saved me. The guy from yesterday walked up to me and says, "but my dear we can't let you go." Two guys are holding my arms back so I can't move any closer to him to slap him. So I just ask, "and why not?" He grins and says, "cause you're are trap." I then ask, "what are you talking about, how am I your trap?" He laughs and says, "well if Niall cares about you so much he'll try to save you, if he doesn't come that means he never cared and that we get to eat you." My eyes widen and I scream , " you are sick people!" He gets closer and whispers, "we're not sick people if we're not people." I didn't understand what he meant, of course he's a person, just a really sick one. I was getting to scream but then he says, "you scream then you and Niall will die." Niall... 

Niall POV

     I ran back into the woods and I hear faint whispering. I then heard a girl say, "please no." I know that voice! I ran towards the sound and found her tied up with rope and duck tape over her mouth, her face has a worried look on it but I rip the duck tape and rope off gently and she screams, "Niall, No BEHIND YOU!"

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