The eyes

Do you believe in vampires? Rachel moon, never did until she met one, or five. They met on purpose, or was it? She needs protection, for what she doesn't know might just kill her.


3. Don't tell

Rachel POV

          The next day came and Sydney went to school like usual. I kept remembering last night, that was Niall. He......he saved. He saved me from that car, I could've got seriously hurt or died if he wasn't there. What did he mean by you'll find out eventually, find out what? This is giving me a migrant, I'm so confused. I decided to call my bestfriend,  Summer. She has long brown hair with dark green eyes. She as old as I am and she is my closet friend. I caller her and asks if she wanted to hang out, she agreed and we both decided to meet up at star bucks. I straightened up my look, I put a pink t-shirt and skinny jeans on and put my vans on also. I curled my hair and perfected my makeup. I grabbed my apartment keys and my purse as I locked the apartment door on my way out. I finally got there and saw Summer right away. We both hugged eachother and asks, "so watcha been up to gurl!" I laughed and say, "we'll not much." We sat at the booth table and then she asks, "so did ya meet any cute boys yet?!" I laugh and look at the table bkushing then she adds in, "oh my god you have!!!" I smiled and say, " it's really not that bit of a deal, he kind of......" I paused and remembered what he said 'don't tell anyone'. She then asks, "he kind of what???" I then say, " oh umm we kind of bumped into eachother on the sidewalk..... And he caught me." Her eyes widen and she asks, "really!!!!???"'I then say, "yeah, something like that." She squealed and asks, "what's his name!!!" He is famous so I can't tell her I'll just say I dunno, " I really don't know Summer , we just bumped into eachother on the sidewalk." She sighs and says, "ok, ok, I'll leave the subject alone." We ordered and drank are drinks. We finished and then asks, "do you want to go to the mall?" I answer, " sure." We walk to the mall and look through a few clothing stores. I started to feel uneasy, I felt like I was being watch, I feel a tad dizzy to. I think Summer noticed and asks, "hey, you ok?" I nod my head and answer, " yeah, I think I just need some fresh air." She nods her and and says, " let's go home." I nod my head and we walk out , I look back at the mall, it looks like someone is on the roof, I squint my eyes and I see.......Niall. He is staring right at me with a smile on his face. A sweet smile, gentle and kind, like he cares, but he barely knows me. His hand are in his pocket and he is still looking at me , it feels like he is protecting me, from what though? Hmm, guess I'll know when the time is right. (That smile) 

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