The Bully

Katy's first day at school is going good. She swears that her day goes bad when she bumped into Niall or as she calls him, "Mr. Blondie". The two go at it almost everyday, but one night there fighting ends. I wonder why.


1. My Horrible Life

First day at school. Great. It'll probably be another day for me to get humiliated. I'm use to it though. No one's probably going to like me, but I do hope that I make friends. At least one friend. If I do make a new friend, they'll for sure be coming to my house today.

I opened the big, blue doors of the school and walked through the scary hallway. I was looking for my locker. I couldn't find it. I spent about a good solid ten minutes until BAM! Someone bumped into me. I fell on the ground and my things scattered. Dang! Whoever bumped into was really strong. I picked my belongings up and went to see who bumped into me. It was some boy.

"Watch were your going will ya." He did not just say that to me. I didnt bump into him. He bumped into me.

"First of all Mr.Blondie"- he was an actual blonde-" you bumped into me. You watch were your going." That'll settle him straight.

He just looked at me surprised. He then narrowed his eyes at me. "Loser" he said and left with his annoying posy behind him. They laugh too much.

Now I need to look for my class. I don't want to be late and spend a solid twenty minutes looking for my class so I'll ask someone.

"Hi, I'm looking for Mrs.Hernandez's room?" I asked a random person, putting a big smile on my face.

"I'm going there right now. Just follow me." She was so nice. I think I made a new friend.

As I followed her there was no conversation. Complete silence between us.

"My name is Katy." I wanted to break the silence.

"Nice to meet you. My name is Ariana. Most of my friends call me AG." We were finally in the classroom and took our seats.

The bell started ringing and everyone was coming in. Ugh! Guess who I saw. Mr.Blondie. This is not a good day for me.

"Goodmorning students. My name is Mrs. Hernandez. You can call me Mrs.H," but that's all I heard from her because I wasn't in the school mood.

School was finally over and I was planning on inviting Ariana over.

"Ariana! Ariana!" As soon as I called her she came.

"Yes?" She asked so politely. She is so nice.

"I was wondering if you would like to go to my house." She kind of had an I-Don't-Know-Face. That made me sad, but I tried to cover it up.

"I'm not going to be able to come today, but I'm pretty sure I can come tomorrow." That made me a little happy.

"It's okay. Here's my number just incase you need anything or want to talk." I gave her my number and we said our goodbyes.

I started walking to my house. This isn't as bad as my old school was. Everybody was so rude. The only person I know that is rude-so far- in this school is Mr.Blondie and his possy. Speaking of rude Mr.Blondie...I just saw him. I kept on walking wondering why wasn't he taking a different route than me. I hope he doesn't live close to me.

I just keep on walking to my house hoping that he doesn't live close to me. I arrive at my house and he still hasn't taken a different route from me. Great! He's my next door neighbor.

"First you're in my class then your my neighbor. Wow!" Mr.Blondie said. I just ignored him.

I walked inside my beautiful house. I went straight up into my room. I was really tired. I closed my eyes and...


My eyes opened and I can see the dark sky from my window. I must have been really tired. I went down stairs and guess what I saw.

"Hi sweetie. The next door neighbors came over. Niall was talking about how he met you in school." Mr.Blondie- or I guess Niall- is in my living room!

"Hi! I was just talking about how we bumped into each other," he said. Ugh that idiot.

"That was so funny. Umm...well i have a headache and really want to get some rest. Bye M-I mean Niall. Bye umm..." I didnt know his moms name.

"Mrs. Horan" she told me.

"Bye Mrs.Horan. Goodnight mom." I went into my room and fell asleep.

____________________________________________________I'm so excited that I'm publishing this chapter. It was inspired by a dream. This is my first ever story on Movellas. Please be nice to me. NH8 be great.

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