The not so great adventure

Olivia is a typical 7 year old girl. Olivia lives with her mum, dad and older sister Anna.
When Olivia grows up she wants to be a famous explorer and this is how she try to find Africa.


1. The not so great adventure

One morning Olivia woke up with a brilliant idea in her head. She was going to go on an adventure! Olivia jumped out of bed and got dressed into jeans and a green shirt ready to explore. She grabbed her green explores backpack and filled it with juice boxes and cookies so she wouldn't get hungry exploring.

Then Olivia thought to herself 'every good explorer has an assistant.' Olivia just learnt that saying at school the other day and it was was very true, but she didn't really know what an assistant was apart from a person that follower the explorer around all day.

Olivia went off and found her big sister in her room and asked "Anna will you please be my assistant? Because i'm going exploring and i need an assistant." Anna replied quite bluntly "no." and walked away, so Olivia went to her room and thought.

After Olivia thought for a long 10 minutes Olivia decided to go and find Africa with out Anna. She wanted to see lions, tigers and elephants. Olivia thought the best place to start was the backyard. So Olivia picked up her green explorers backpack and ran out into the backyard and started looking under rocks, in bushes, up the tallest trees Olivia had ever seen and behind her Dad's shed were "Children Are Not Allowed Ever. No Exceptions."

After not finding Africa yet and her bag was getting heavy, Olivia thought she could take a break  and eat some cookies by the big sunflowers and think of what Africa would look like.

Just when Olivia was going to take a bite out of her cookies, a big brown, shiny, slithering snake slid around the corner of the vegie patch. Olivia was so scared she thought she was going to be eaten. But she thought if she hid the snake wouldn't find her. So Olivia jumped higher than the sunflowers and hid behind the spiky rose bush. After a while of hiding Olivia saw the snake again and thought she had better tell her Dad because he was a responsible adult and you always tell a responsible adult when a big evil snake is going to eat you.

So Olivia crept past the evil snake and knocked on the door of the shed just below the sign that said "Children Are Not Allowed Ever. No Exceptions." After a while her Dad came out so Olivia told him how she was going to find Africa and how an evil snake was going to eat her. Then her dad laughed a bit which she thought was mean and told her to go play inside so he could take care of the snake.

Olivia ran faster than a cheater to the back door of the house and ran straight into her Mum, and mum asked what she was doing. So Olivia told her everything that she told her Dad a second ago. The mum knelt down and hugged Olivia and said Africa is very far away and that it wont be in the backyard. Olivia felt very sad because she wanted to find Africa and talk to the elephants. But then mum said come inside and we will have a tea party in the lounge room with cookies and chocolate milk, and that made Olivia feel very happy.


The End

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