It can be love


1. finding him

Chapter 1: finding him

Jennifer's POV-/

I'm Jennifer, I'm 17.I have dark brown eyes and jet black hair with blue and purple tips. I moved to New York after my parents got a new job here. I have a 20 year old brother named James he looked exactly like me. I also have a 14 year old sister named Daniella. You would say we are very wealthy, which we are.

I ran downstairs wearing a red oversized sweater that said 'Ooh kill'em' with light wash jeans and red and white vans. I grabbed a banana and left into my gray car. Thank god my parents weren't awake because they would drive me to school and embarrass me.

* in school*

I looked at my new schedule and ran to my locker. There was a girl with blonde hair and gray/ blue eyes standing there giving me death glares as I got my books out of my bag. As the bell rang I was still getting my science textbook out of my locker and I felt a pair of green eyes staring at me, burning into my back as I got my text book. As I quickly turned around I dropped my book on the floor and went to pick them up, thank god there was nobody in the halls. I got up and the green eyes boy was standing dangerously close to me. He leaned in pushing me up against the walls. He had a lot of tattoos and like three piercings on his face. I gulped loudly. He whispered "don't be afraid I won't hurt you" I looked into his emerald green eyes, almost hypnotized as he whispered his name in my ear "Harry.Harry Styles." He leaned in and kissed me I almost got into it until i realized, I don't even know him, so I pushed him off and ran to science class.--------

I walked in and all eyes were on me... In an uncomfortable way. I sat next to a boy with blonde hair and deep blue eyes.He was HOT!!! The teacher introduced me to the class as everyone said hello. I started writing as I saw the door swing open...It was Harry! The teacher said in annoyed tone "nice for you to finally join us take a seat... Now." He sat behind me. Next to a boy named Liam. The teacher put up the do now and and I started working. When I finished I was tapped on the shoulder by the blonde haired boy next to me. " hey. I'm Niall" he whispered with a small smile. I almost melted. "Jennifer." I replied quickly. "So your new around here do you want me to show you around later" he asked with a sly grin on his face. I nodded with a wide smile on my face. I could see Harry's face looked furious, and he looked kinda cute like that😏.

During lunch I sat alone until two girls came over. They said hi as I said hi back. " you looked a little lonely so we decided to come over. O and btw my name is Juliette and she is Rosanne" the one with blue hair said. We sat and talked until Harry came over

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