(Harry Styles Dark/Punk-ish AU)

"I'm a girl. I overreact. I underestimate. I overestimate. I over think everything. I dream big. But when I say I love you, don't take it as a joke because I don't lie about that shit!"


"If you bite my lip or kiss my neck, I promise to rip your fucking clothes off."

And my lips met his again, and I pulled back with his bottom lip between my teeth.


"When we first met, I had no idea you'd become so important to me."

"Well forget about me.. Because I'm gone."


"People change."

"You didn't change! You threw your life away and forgot who the fuck you were."


"You've lost your mind"

"No I didn't ! I got sick of losing people that I care about, so excuse me, but today, I give a fuck."


3. Chapter Three .

~~I shut the front door to my sisters house and put my bag down.

"Hello?" Keagan called from the kitchen.


"It's just me" I replied, walking in where he was.


"Oh hey, how was your first day?" He asked, taking as sip of the beer he must've opened right before I got here.


"Eh, nothing special. That's a long ass walk home though" I told him, taking off my shoes. It really was a long walk.


"Well maybe I'll try and talk your sister into a car" He told me. I honestly loved Keagan. He was the older brother I never had. I'm so fucking happy Lauren found him.


"Fingers crossed" I giggled before standing up again. "I have some homework to do, so I'll see ya in a bit" I told him before walking off, grabbing my bag and heading up the stairs to my new bedroom

I was a bit obsessed with this room. I kinda really loved it.


I pulled my phone back out and ignored ANOTHER text my sent me. Did she not get that I left New York to get away from her? She's crazy.

I sat in the chair in my room and opened up my laptop . I could hear laughing from out the window and was curious so I looked outside. Is that Harry? He was walking up the street with another guy, I don't think I met him today.


"Please don't live close" I whispered myself, watching as they walked further up the street. I just couldn't win.


Harry kinda scared me. I know it's wrong to judge people, but my first impression of him was well.. .He was rude, he almost beat someone up and he was yelling at a guy for money. So I guess what I'm trying to say is, I didn't know if I wanted him around me.. But he was around Perrie, and I liked Perrie. So I'm stuck.


I won't lie, I thought it was awesome how he looked out for... The brunette.. like that. I'd kill for someone to do that for me, but at the same time. It was scary.


About an hour passed, and I realized I got no homework done. Shit.. I was in real deep thought. I was still waiting for a text from Perrie about some party, gathering thing she wanted me to go to tomorrow night. I was gonna go.


"Hey Audrina! Your sister wants to know what you want from Carls Jr" Keagan called up the stairs.


"The chicken sandwich and onion rings!" I called back. I loved Carls Jr. And so did Lauren. Thank god.


"Meet her outside in about 10! She has groceries" He called back a few moments later. Ugh, fine.


I ran down the stairs and sat outside for a few minutes before her car pulled up.


"He kid" She said, opening the door and popping the trunk




She took a load inside and left me out, grabbing some bags. I could hear talking again and when I turned my head I mentally groaned when I saw it was Harry and that guy again, walking down the hill. Shit.


Harry's POV :



".. She sounds like one of the girls you can't read" Louis said chuckling as we walked back down the street. We were wondering around and I was just telling him about Audrina. What went down today.


"I don't know dude, she's weird" We both laugh this time.


"Eh, who's that cutey?" He nudged his head forward and I looked up seeing a girl reaching in the trunk of the car and pulling out a few bags. Holy fuck.


"Oh jesus. She lives on this street" I muttered.


"Huh? Who is that?" Lou asked me.


"That's her you dumb fuck" He chuckled lightly, I guess she heard because she looked back at us and quickly turned around.


"I don't think she likes you" He joked.


"Nope. She's scared of me, remember?" I joked.


"Hey Audree, can you try this on?" I looked at the door, when another girl came out, holding a dress in her hands.


"Isn't that Gemma's friend?" Louis muttered from beside . I just nodded yes. THAT was her sister?


"Oh! Harry! Hey!" Lauren called out. Audrina immediately turned around again and looked at me.


"Hey Lauren" I replied, giving her the hug she'd gave me. "How're you?" I asked her, trying to ignore Audrina's stare. This is fucked.


"I'm fine thanks, how are you? How's Gemma?"


"We're both good.. So, you have a visitor?" I asked quietly. She couldn't be her sister. Even though they did look a like.


"Yeah, little sister. I guess mom officially drove us both crazy.. Auds come here" She called her over and I mentally face palmed for bringing this up. Lou chuckled from beside me, and I nudged him to shut him up when she awkwardly walked over.


"I'm Louis!" He introduced himself, after a few moments of awkward silence.


"Nice to meet you, I'm Aud-"


"-Audrina. I know, Harold hasn't shut up about you.. Literally." Son of a mother fucking bitch. She smiled slightly before looking at her sister.


"Does Keagan need any help in there? putting stuff away?" She asked. Good. Bye.


"He should be fine but-"


"-We actually have to get going.. Gemma is.. waiting.." I cut Lauren off awkwardly.


"Oh, alright.. Nice seeing you Harry" She gave me another hug before heading in.


"Nice see you Auds" I smirked before walking away with Louis.


"She's hot, bro" Lou spoke up once we were out of distance.


"I know. Don't let me near her. I might destroy her like every other one" I joked, he roared with laughter .


"Like.. Mackenzie, Meagan, Jordan, Cheyenne, Claire, Brittany, Lexeigh, Kaylee, Kai-"


"-Okay! I get it!" I cut him off. God damn.


"I'm just saying! You've got quite the list."


"I don't think I have to worry, she's already told Zayn she's scared of me."


"But knowing you, that would make you determined to know her.. more." He knew me so well.


"I couldn't. She's Lauren's sister. That's too weird."


"Did you bang Lauren?" He asked, like he was really thinking about.


"We kissed, but I was like 15 and she was 18. And she was absolutely knackered" I joked, walking up my driveway with him.




"I know. She's like my sister."


Audrina's POV :


"You don't like him, do you?" Lauren asked, laying in bed next to me. We'd been up here just talking for a few hours.


"Who?" I asked.


"Harry. I could tell."


"I don't know him.."


"Don't you go to school together?"


"Yeah. I mean, I met him, I just.. Yeah" I didn't even know where I was going with this.


"Just be careful with him.. Okay? I've known him since he was 14 and he's gone through a lot too. And fair warning, he's kinda a dick." I giggled at this.


"Yeah. I know."


"So you have had an encounter with him?" She asked.


"I don't really know what to tell you Lauren. I just don't feel comfortable around him. But he's going to be at the party tomorrow and I don't want drama, because I like Perrie and I don't want her feeling tension or something" I tried to explain.


"I get it. I'm just warning you.. He comes off a bit.. Aggressive." This made me feel SOOOO much better.


"Okay, thanks."






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