When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


11. A Strange Place

"Abigail Coulson?" A new male voice penetrated into my skull, reverberating through my head. 

My head was foggy. I barely heard anything. Then I felt the pain. Not just a headache, or physical pain. But emotional. And then I remembered what had just transpired at Stark Tower. 

"TONY!" I screamed, shooting up, banging my head against something warm and fleshy. 

"SON OF A BISCUIT!" I screeched, clutching my head as my brain swelled and pounded against my skull unnaturally. 

"Son of a gun!" That same voice murmured close to me. 

I slowly tried to open my eyes again and quickly closed them. It hurt. The blinding light I was under. It was extremely painful. 

"Abbie?," another, thickly accented voice meekly called out my name. "How are you, Honey? How do you feel?"

It had to be my Mom. She was the only female I could remember at the moment. 

"Mom..." I groaned. 

Wait. Mom doesn't have an accent. So, who are these people?

"She wants Natasha. Shall I go get her, Stephen?" That accented woman asked. 

I didn't even register what she was saying. I was too busy planning my escape. 

I remembered JARVIS being in my new phone. I quietly said, "JARVIS?"

"Yes, Miss Abigail?" He replied quietly as well. 

I heard feet walking away from me and muttering. I hurried with my idea. 

"Am I in the suit?"

"No, Miss Abigail, I'm afraid you are not."


"If you say so." He responded cheekily. 

I rolled my eyes. "JARVIS, what did you do to me?"

"I was under orders to knock you out if needed an only when Mister Stark gave the command to do so."

"If he's not dead, I'm going to freaking kill Daddy Tony!"

"Of course you are, ma'am."

"DON'T call me ma'am! I'm not old enough yet!"

"My apologies, Miss Abigail."

"Abbie is fine. Or Abs." I snipped back. 

"As you wish."

"Do you have any escape protocols?" 

"Yes, I have quite a few good ones, Abbie. However--"

"Good now, I need you to implement the best one for where I am currently."

He sighed. "Right away, Abbie."

I sighed in relief and heard the footsteps coming back at a fast pace. 

Crap!! I was lucky they'd left for more than ten seconds. 

"She's in here." The accented female had returned. 

"Thank you, Ororo." A quieter female's voice said. 

I tensed. Who were these people?! 

I tried to smell their scents, but the stench of hospital cleaner and chemicals were covering everything up in my nose. 

"Miss Abbie?" JARVIS whispered urgently to me. 


"I don't believe that you are in need of an emergency escape protocol. I brought you here. This is the coordinates that Mister Stark had me put in so I could bring you to safety." 

"I don't care! I don't know any of there people here!" 

"I must insist upon your stay here, Abbie. It's imperative that you stay here for your own safety. Mister Stark ordered us here for a reason." 

I don't know what made me listen to JARVIS. Maybe it was because he was extremely persuasive. But, more likely it was because Daddy Tony had sent me here for a reason. So, I trusted him and JARVIS, and sat up quickly again. 

This time, I didn't hit anyone or thing. Brilliant if you ask me. 

I immediately went on the defense. "Where am I?! Who are you?!" 

And then I saw Mom. She was to my right on a chair located directly next to me. 

"Mom?" I asked weakly. 

"Abigail!" She cried out in surprise.

"Mom, where are we?"

"We are at The Xavier Institute for Gifted Youngsters."

"Who are they?" I asked nodding my head towards the dark skinned lady with the striking white hair and a fairly attractive man around Tony's age. He had on a strange necklace of a goldenrod eye on a large ribbon. 

"Guys, come over here, will you?" Mom called out, effectively ending the heated conversation between the two. 

"Guys, this is my daughter, Abbie. Abbie, meet some of our friends." Mom said with a wicked grin.

"Hello, child. I'm Ororo Munroe, also known as Storm to my pupils an friends. I am a mutant." The lady with the white hair said with a kind smile. 

"Hello..." I said unsure of what to think. 

"And I, Abbie, am Doctor Stephen Strange. I have been watching over you for three days. Whatever knocked you out did a pretty good job of it." The attractive man said with a disarming smile. 

I blushed and looked down. And noticed that all I was currently in was a bra and (hopefully) panties with a blanket covering me. I ripped the blanket up and wound it around my chest in a huge not. 

"WHO THE H-LL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE TO UNDRESS ME YOU PERVERT!" I screamed as I stood up and ran behind my mother for sanctuary, and started to flame out. 

"I gave him permission. You needed to be checked all over for any signs of poisoning. Clint was compromised by poisoning from an incredibly fake redhead." Mom said to me. 

My face flushed in embarrassment. 

"I'm sorry, Doctor." I whispered, ashamed of my assumptions. 

"It's quite all right. If you hadn't responded like that, I would have been extremely worried." He said with another attractive smile and a similarly attractive laugh. 

"Now, let's let you get dressed in peace and quiet and then come downstairs." Mom said, ushering everyone out. 

Then as I was changing, something she had said hit me. 

Clint. Compromised. Poison. Fake redhead. 

But NOTHING about Daddy Tony, Daddy, Daddy Logan, or my uncles! 


I was about to find out. And a lot of it, I wasn't going to like. 

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