When Life Gives You the Avengers

A teenaged girl was always very fond of the Avengers. But when they and some other surprises come to her small town in Rural Michigan, her life changes. For good. How could this get any better?! Or could it get worse?

The author doesn't own any characters owned by the distinguished franchise(s) that do own characters. However, the original characters and story line do belong to the author. No money or profit will or is intended to be made on this story. Thank you.**


1. My Name is Abigail Howard

My name is Abigail (Abbie) Howard. I know weird last name, right? Anyways, I am from a small town in rural Michigan. This town is named Alpena. It's not a very well known little town in America. It's directly next to Lake Huron. But here in the Lower Peninsula, the Alpena High School Wildcats were known from Traverse City to Saginaw. 

(Author's Note: I did google the towns in Michigan close to Lake Huron, and this town came up as right on it. Then, I googled the town and found out about the high school. The rest of it, I just B.S.'d. Back to the story...) 

I was a loud person. Well... With my friends I was. And since there were only three of them, I had a pretty good chance of never breaking into the Preppy Perf Crowd. And am quite content and thrilled with that. 

I have multiple powers that showed up one day out of the blue. I have the power to control and make fire, water, and ice, and I could smell scents like a blood hound, my nails grow out into blades of some sort, I have magic that I use to my best abilities. Oh, and my Dad is Phil Coulson! That's right, girls! Agent Phil Coulson! My dad!

My best friends were just as crazy about the things I was. One of them just so happened to be the Avengers. You know, Earth's Mightiest Heroes and all? Yup! That's them! Oh, and by the way, I just so happen to have a bit of a crush on....some of them (the males). And then others--well, one in particular, actually--I really do NOT like...

But hey! They're still a great, hot, gorgeous band of heroes, right? Yeah, I know I'm right. 

I was (keyword; was) a great student, had no boy trouble, (and no boyfriend...ever), and really, I was just the President of the Anime Club, Comic Club, and on the fast track to Harvard University on a full ride scholarship. 

Then, one day, all of that changed as my life was thrown upside down. It was on a very snowy winter's day that everything changed for me. 

That fateful day...I remember it like it was yesterday...because it was. 

I was sitting in my third hour history class, ready for lunch because I had finished all the work ages ago. When I was called up to the teacher's desk. 

"Yes, Mr. Topah?" I asked politely. 

"Abbie, you've been called down to the office. There seems to be some very important visitors here to see you. If you could, could you get their autographs for me?" 

I was puzzled. Who was here to see me? Me of all people? Me? I have important visitors?? But nobody important ever came to see me.... 

And so, I left confused and with a promise to get my teacher his autographs from some people that I didn't even know. 

Well, this should be fun, right? Nope, I'm already anxious. Grrreeeeaaaaattttt.....

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