Have you ever wondered, maybe just once, what it would be like to fall madly in love with the wonderful and Harry Styles? Well, of course you probably have. But what if he were to fall madly in love with you, too? I'm Lila, and this is my story.

*This may be very sad at some points, cuz it IS based on the song moments... So be prepared, my fellow friends!*


3. Two

I lay down, engulfed in my thoughts. I pull my thin blanket around me.

"Not too poor, but not anywhere near rich, either." I mutter to myself. Staring at the wall, I smile, thinking about my green eyed, curly haired angel. 

"Angels. I'm going to be okay. It will all be okay." I sleepily say, my eyes fluttering closed.

I wake up. It's a Saturday, one of my off days at work. Pulling some of my clothes on, I take the broken brush I have. Still damp with the wet flakes of the snow, I brush through my hair. I look in my stained mirror, at the green eyes that belong to me. Deep in thoughts, I automatically continue running the brush through my waves of hair.

I know why everyone hates me. They blame me. For my sister's death. For what sent her past breaking point. When she... When the incident happened, I'll say, she wasn't speaking to me. So everyone associates them with each other. But it wasn't me. I loved my sister dearly. And now... Well, now, nobody loves me. They never will.

I'm pulled out of my thoughts by the soft, but loud, ring of a phone. My phone. I pick it up, confused by the number. I've never seen the number before. But, maybe... Just maybe it's my angel. I answer it, my heart high with hopes.


"Hi." It answers. I'm glad to hear the voice of my angel.


"So, will you take me up on that coffee offer?" I can almost see his cheeky smile through the phone.

"Sure. Yes." I quietly say.

"Good. Would you mind meeting me today?" He says. I write down the address, and pull my 

coat and shoes on. Stepping out into the flurry of snow, I briskly walk, trying to make it to my destination.

I see my angel leaning against the shop. I smile, waving. He does the same, only with a small wave of his hand. Walking into the shop, out of the cold, he follows.

"So, I never told you my name. I'm Lila. Lila Fower." I shyly say. He smiles.

"I'm Harry." He says. My eyes grow wide with surprise, but I don't say anything. He's Harry Styles.

"I just want a plain coffee." I say, looking into his eyes. He smiles, and nods his head.

"A coffee, and one tea." Harry says to the man.

"What name should I put that under?" He asks. I can't wait to see what name he comes up with.

"Leo." He says. The man nods. Waiting for our drinks, Harry, or should I say 'Leo' and I took a table. Just a small one.

"So, what were doing, walking in a storm like that?" He asks

"I should ask you the same." I reply.

"I asked you first."

"Well, it was to clear my mind from... Well, from the horrible world I live in. And my horrible life." I say.

"Why is it so horrible?

"Well, my, well, you see, my parents don't really like me. Last year, my younger sister committed suicide. And she wasn't talking to me. I don't know why, though. I remember her telling me that she had gotten bullied at school, everyday she came home. I tried do do something, but she wouldn't let me. When I told my parents, she stopped talking to me. And now everyone hates me, because they think I'm the one who sent her past breaking point." I say. It feels good to let it all out.

"I don't hate you." He says.

"Well, that's different. I just met you." I say, looking down. Harry lifts my chin, looking into my eyes.

"Hey, I'm sure your life will turn around. You've already met me. So, I'm sure your life could be getting better." He says. I look down again.

"No. I-" I don't have time to finish. Harry kisses me, as if to silence me. After he pulls away, I lift my head and look at him.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me." He blushes.

"It's okay. I swear." I say smiling. I'm blushing too, probably as red as my hair.

"Leo?" I hear a voice say. Harry gets up, holding two drinks when her returns.

"Here. Coffee for the lady." He says, handing me the warm drink. I sip at it, surprised, not drinking coffee for so long. I know people say it's bitter, but it tastes just fine to me.

"Now, is it my turn to start interrogating you?" I ask.

"Go for it."

"So, why were you walking in that storm?"

"Just felt like it."

"Okay, why did you bump into me. I had my eyes closed, but what about you."

"Couldn't see. But maybe fate brought us together."

"No offense, but that's a bit... A bit dorky." I say smiling.

"But maybe it's true." He offers.

"Sure." I say, smiling. I just realized how shy I'm not acting. I'm being regular!

"Am I done with my interview, ms. Lila?"

"Yes. For now." I say. How weird is it to personally know a member of One Direction? Very weird. But I'm loving every minute I get to know him.

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