Have you ever wondered, maybe just once, what it would be like to fall madly in love with the wonderful and Harry Styles? Well, of course you probably have. But what if he were to fall madly in love with you, too? I'm Lila, and this is my story.

*This may be very sad at some points, cuz it IS based on the song moments... So be prepared, my fellow friends!*


4. Three

Laying. Just laying in my bed. Staring at the walls above my head. Thinking. About my angel. About my life. I smile, blinking slowly. Engulfed in my thoughts. Then my mind switches to One Direction. The whole band. Susan used to love them she went on and on about Harry. And Niall. Liam. Zayn. Louis. I know Harry. The other four, I don't know anything about. One day, maybe I'll meet them.

My phone rings. Most likely my angel.

"Hello?" It is. Harry. With his cheeky smile, brown curls, green eyes...


"So, I've told the lads about you, and they really want to meet you. I was wondering if tomorrow you would like to meet them?"

"That would be great! What time tomorrow?"

"It's a surprise."

"I hate surprises." 

"Well, you should still wait and see."

"Fine." I hang up. Smiling, I lay down. It's 8. I close my eyes, waiting for the morning.

My eyes flutter open. I smile, pulling some of my clothes on. Staring out the window of my small apartment, I wait for Harry. I see a car pull out, and the top of Harry's curls. I wait at the door, until I hear a knock. Smiling I open the door, stepping out of the apartment. I smile, hugging Harry. We walk to his car, and I take the passenger seat. I never learned how to drive. We stay silent for quite awhile.


"So, anyway, I'm meeting the rest of One Direction?"

"Yeah. It seems that Louis is the most excited to meet you. Other than Niall. Liam was a bit busy watching Toy Story, and Zayn was with Perrie."

"Yeah. My sister used to love One Direction. That's the only reason I recognized you."

"We're here." He says. I follow. We walk through a door, and I see someone who I can only recognize as Louis Tomlinson. "Lou, this is Lila." Harry introduces.

"Hi! I'm lLouis Tomlinson!" Louis says.

"I'm Niall!" Says a Blonde boy with brunette roots. He has blue eyes. 

"Hi, Niall, Louis." I smile.

"Zayn! Come on!" Louis yells, leaving the room for a little. He comes back with a black-haired guy.

"I'm Zayn. You must be..."

"Lila!" Louis whispers.

"Lila." Zayn say. I smile, silently laughing.

"I'm Liam Payne." 

"Lila." I say. I'm smiling, standing next to Harry.

"Well, anyway, Lila, Harry told us about you!" Louis says, smiling.

"Of course he did." I say, rolling my eyes. Niall and I start laughing, Harry and. Louis joining along. Liam and Zayn are just kind of looking at us.

"Well, anyway, I'm Lila Fower. And I'm nineteen." I formally introduce.

"Same age as Harry." Niall says.

"Yes. I know that. My sister used to like One Direction."

"She stopped liking us?" Zayn asks.

"No. There's a whole different story. Maybe someday I'll tell you." I say.

"Okay." Louis simply says. I smile in appreciation. 

"So, Lila, when do you need to get home?" Harry asks.

"Doesn't matter."

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