Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


2. London

Is this is a dream? If it is please never wake me up. London is more perfect than I thought. “OMG we are in London” my sister and I screamed. Everybody look at us. I didn’t even care, I was so happy. “Can you believe that I am going to have the interview tomorrow?” I told my sister. “I know” she told me in annoyed voice.“I don’t even know why you are so exited; you are not going to meet them anyways” “I don’t care. I can express my feelings for them. How they make me feel to a huge group people” “whatever” she look like she doesn’t care, but she does, and I know what to say to make her understand me. “Maybe you will be the same or worse than me if it was for beliebers”. (I know beliebers? Yes my sister is a huge belieber. That’s one of the many reasons we fight every day, but for that we also understand each other when we fan girl about something. “wellll…..” now she doesn’t know what to say.

After we got our baggage and went outside my mom said “ok kids now lets go to the hotel and then go to eat” Hotel? Eat? WHAT?! I don’t want to eat and much less go to the hotel “mom we are in London! I don’t want to go to eat, and I don’t want to go to the hotel! I am in London” I screamed the last four words. “Shut up, and stop screaming everybody is looking at you” my mom said. “I am tired and want to sleep” my little brother said. “I don’t know if you notice but is 9:00 pm. We can’t go anywhere” my father said. Ok now he was right, I didn’t notice it was dark. Well not my fault I was just to exited to notice anything around me.

After we got to eat and came back to the hotel, we went to our suits. I had one for me and my sister. And my parents are together with my brother. I couldn’t sleep I was just so nervous about the next day. The “what if” question start coming into my mind. What if I mess up everything? What if the people don’t like me? What if I said something I didn’t mean? Those entire questions were in my head the whole night. I needed to stop. I tried to calm down myself and said to myself “tomorrow is going to be a fantastic day” after a couple of minutes I fall asleep.

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