Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


13. Friends

*Niall POV

“But guys…” she started saying but she was interrupted by Liam, Harry and Zayn entering “but guys what?” harry said smiling; he was teasing her “nothing” she stare at the floor. She was debuting about something; I don’t know how I knew I just knew. Something was bothering her; she had the same expression when we were at the van the night I brought her to her hotel. I debut between taking her hands or not, I decide to do it, that seems to calm her down a little bit “you can tell us” I whispered. She exhale and looked at us “is guys… I don’t know when I am going to see you again” she closed her eyes. We didn’t say anything, I didn’t know what to said I wasn’t expecting that response from her “you can see us whenever you want” Liam was the only to break the silence “but guys you are always busy and doing something and I am… well I am not…” she didn’t finish the sentence, I had no idea what was going on with her but it seems that Zayn did “Nani you are our friend, don’t you dare said that you are not. You become one since the very first day we meet you” he said sweetly. It was that? She didn’t thought she was our friends? “is that what is bothering you? That you are not our friend?” I asked her worriedly I didn’t wanted her to think that “yes” I could barely heard her response “give me your phone” Louis told her. We all looked at him with confuse in our eyes “what? Why?” she asked but she gave it to him anyways. He typed something down and then passed to the rest of the guys, then Harry gave it to me and look what it was on the screen. Contacts, her contacts she just had 7 contacts and 5 of them were us. I passed her phone “there is the prove that you are our friend and that you always can count on us and call us whenever you want” Louis tell her. I smiled at him that was a sweet gesture from him “really? You guys just gave me your numbers” her smiles was bright as the sun entering from the window, it was just 6:00 in the afternoon but the times changes are hard to get used to it. I knew she would be pretty tired, just as confirming my thoughts she yawned “we need to go and you have to sleep” I said smiling at her “but…” “but nothing I know how tired you are, we know how you feel this changing time is very hard to get used to it” “hell yes we know” harry laughed “yes, like Zayn he never want to leave his bed or the couch” she said laughing and all of us joined “hey I was tired ok?” he tried to defend himself “yeah sure…” Liam teased. Louis’ phone started beeping, he went out of the room to answer it, after about 5 minutes he came inside again “it was Eleanor she just was checking what we were doing” “Eleanor? Really? Oh god she is so beautiful and seems so nice I love her so much” Nani said exited “soo you are an Elounor shipper?” Louis asked “hell yes, I am and always will be” she said proudly “awesome. We should go out all together someday” he suggests “what? Like you and Eleanor and even Perrie?” she looked at Zayn “yes I guess” Zayn smiled at her “we could go to some club or something” Louis started saying “wait a minute. A club? I am still 17 remember? I can’t go to a club” “oh yes I forgot that you are still a kid” and there is Louis teasing again. “A kid? Really Louis? I am 17 I will be 18 in 4 months” she fired back. Oh god another fight, but I liked them; watch Nani and Louis teasing each other was fun “still a kid, you cant drink, go to clubs and I bet you don’t even know what a condom is” her jaw dropped and the rest of the guys too, I just laughed, I couldn’t help myself “Louis!” Liam scream at him “how can you said that to her? She is a lady! God” “it’s ok Liam, thank you but I do know what a condom is, and I also know why is use for” she had that child tone and that made me laughed even harder “yes but I guess you never used it before” she looked embarrassed “Louis” I called his name trying to warned him, this was going way too far. There were a couple of minute of silence nobody knew what to said “we should go” Zayn said finally breaking the silence “yes we should” I repeat. The look in her eyes was sad again. This worried me why she have to be sad, she should be smiling right now, I didn’t like that look, not even a little bit I wanted her to be smiling and laughing like before “hey” I put a finger under her chin and I felt her face getting hotter and hotter. Knowing that I was the reason for her blushing made feel good and happy? “don’t worry, we already told you we will be your friends and you can call us whenever you wish ok?” she nodded, and made a half smile, tired is written all over her face “you need to rest. Now” Liam told her before I could “I will” Nani rolled her eyes. Louis was right, she is like a little kid, but that how she is and I liked it. We said our goodbye’s. “bye kid” oh Louis seriously again? Nani just rolled her eyes again and stock her tongue out at him “like I said just a kid” he repeat when we were in the hallway ready to take the elevator “hey I heard that” she shouted “you were suppose to” he shouted back. We all laughed… oh god those two were going to fight every day. When we got home Harry and Louis were directly to the bathroom to take a shower, they were complaining because they smell and felt sticky, consequence of their little fight “Nani and Louis are going to fight every day. I bet that” I said to Zayn and Liam in the kitchen “for real” Zayn agreed with me “they will” Liam laughed. Liam’s phone starts sounding “its Paul” he said. He and Zayn went to the living room. I didn’t have the energy to talk with him at that moment. He just ask so many questions, what we did, who were there, etc. I know is his job and I appreciate that but sometimes is just annoying having so many people over you asking everything. I texted Nani.

To nani:

We had a great time today. Hope you did the same. Goodnight ;)

She didn’t reply, I guess she would be sleeping. She maybe fall asleep right after we leaved. I spend the rest of the day in my phone and talking with the guys about our job, and the thing that I love the most music and food.

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