Love and Hate

This is a Nial Horan Fan Finction. Najomitt is a huge directioner who won an interview and meet One Direction. After having a friendship Niall and Najomitt start having feelings for each other but Niall is scare about the fans and the hate she could recieve. What could happen when a couple receive so much hate?


12. Battle start

Somebody behind me helped me stand up. Liam, but he was laughing so hard that was holding his stomach. The rest of the guys were in the same action, all of them almost falling to the floor. “you should had to see your face it was priceless!” Louis said, after recovering “actually she can see herself right Harry?” Niall said “oh yes, I vine everything” Harry said showing me his phone. My jaw dropped, they really just made me a prank “you guys are… oh I can’t even think of a word” “what about perfect?” Louis suggests, I looked at him and rolled my eyes. He knows too well that he is perfect “besides that” I remarked “oh don’t be mad it was just a little prank” Niall told me “but really don’t you want to see it?” harry asked me. I gave up and watch it, even when it was a stupid prank it was funny, my face was a mix of shock and anger. After watched it I couldn’t stop laughing either “ok, yes it is funny, but do NOT dare do that again” I warned them “uhh look how scare I am” Louis was very teasing that afternoon “anyways lets go inside don’t you think” I said. They all nod and helped me with my baggage. The lobby was pretty small, nothing too luxury but very nice. I couldn’t wait to see my new apartment. My parents didn’t let me saw it before because it was a ‘surprise’, since that day I wondered how it would look. They told me that everything was there, bed, and cookware. I just needed to buy plates and things like knives, forks, spoons, vases, etc just little things oh and food, a lot of food, I never stop eating. “Nani what do you have here? Stones? This is so heavy” Harry complains when we got into the elevator, it was big enough to fit perfectly the 5 of us. Wait 5? “Guys where is Zayn?” I ignored Harry’s complaining “he is running late” Niall answered. “Like always” Liam laughed, we all joined. The doors opened in the second floor, finally in my new home. Should I called it that? Home? It doesn’t feel like it, but I really hope it will soon “right here” I whispered. I took my out and opened the door. The inside of the apt was very nice, is no big but doesn’t feel like claustrophobic either, it has a big window where I can see the city and give light to the whole living room. I looked the kitchen, it was the same style as the room before with light colors and sophisticated just how I like. It had a little table where could sit three persons, the size of the table fit perfectly with the size of the kitchen small but not too small. My parent knows me very well “what do you guys think about my house?” I asked them when I entered in the living room “is very nice” Liam smiled “I really like it” Niall said sating behind the window. Harry just gave me a thumbs up “is perfect to make a party” Louis said “thank you guys, I am glad that you like it because I love it. Lois what the hell did you just said? a party?” I looked at him. He nodded “you hear clearly. A party” “are you crazy or something?” “both” he smiled I couldn’t help but laughed “you are such an idiot” I said shaking my head. We all sit on the couch. There were one for 3 person and other 2 for 1 person and a little coffee table in the middle “sorry guys I cant offer you anything to drink or eat but I don’t have anything” I apologize “it’s ok” Niall winked at me, I smiled at him. He is just so sweet and adorable. He was sitting in front of me and I couldn’t stop staring at him, his white shirt was a little thigh and you could see his arms, and then his jeans that look so damn hot in him… the bell rings breaking me from my thoughts “I will get it” Liam stand up before I could even responded. It was Zayn at the door and was caring a big square box, Liam took it a place it on the coffee table “hi Nani how are you?” he hugged me “hi Zayn, very happy actually” I smiled widely “yeah I can tell” “what is this?” I asked pointing to the box “Is a little surprise gift we wanted to gave you” he said turning to the rest of the boys “a gift for me?” I said sounding confuse “yes, we hope you like it” Niall said opening the box. Inside was a cake that said ‘Welcome to your new home Nani’ it was covered with chocolate and had strawberries in the corners, big enough for at least 10 persons “is beautiful and so thoughtful boys. I love it. Thank you so much you guys are the best” I said hugging each of them “is nothing” Liam told me “it really means a lot to me” and it was true, that cake it wasn’t just a gift for me. for me symbolized that they actually remembered me and that they took the time to order something that was going to be for me. “who wants cake because I do!” Niall shout “you always want to eat Niall” Harry told him we all laughed at it “he is not the only one, I am always hungry too. I really don’t know how I am not fatter” I defend Niall, I winked at him before I realized what I just did. He blushed, and his face turned as red as a tomato. How he can be so adorable “oh so do you want this?” before I could even react Louis spread cream all over my face. When I looked at him his hands were covered with white cream and have this smile on his face “you didn’t! I am going to kill you” I shout at him. I took a big amount of cream from the cake erasing part of the word welcome. I ran before him, he was much faster than me but I could got him in the corner and did the same thing he did to me “this is what you get” I said and walked away, he run before me and grabbed me from behind “now if you move I will spread even more cream in your face” he warned me “ok kids you can stop now” harry said laughing. Louis and I stood side by side now “kids?” we said at the same time “yes, kids” Harry remarked. Louis and I looked at each other and smiled mischievously “you are going to see who are the kids now” I said grabbing more cream while Louis run into Harry blocking his way. I covered him with cream all over the face and his shirt. He screamed and Louis and I run away to the kitchen, Harry went there and in his hand had more cream, the cake probably had no cream left “I will get you guys” he said, we just laughed. After about 5 minutes running, teasing and screaming we finally gave up. Louis, Harry and I were complete cover with cream. “awesome guys now I have cream in my shirt” I told them “I have even in my pants” Harry complained “oh guys lets not talked about that look at my shoes!” Louis vans were white of the cream “uhmm you guys didn’t actually see the mess you just did right?” Liam tell us. I looked around and he was right there was a lot of cream in the floor and was already dirty and sticky. I will had to clean tomorrow. Great. “what just happened here?” Zayn was entering the door. I didn’t even notice he was gone, I was too focused on the cream and Louis and Harry “they just had a cream battle” Niall explained him laughing “okey” he said “I brought the plates” “oh thank you I forgot that I don’t even have plates” I told him. “guys I need a picture of you, this was just so funny” Niall said taking out his phone. We posed for the pictures and make weird faces, Liam also took some pictures “I will posted them on instagram” Niall said “I will on twitter” Liam tell us. After we took off a little bit of the massive amount of cream, we started eating the cake. I took my phone and saw Liam’s tweet ‘do you want some cream?’ and the picture I laughed and retweeted it, then I checked Niall’s instagram ‘cream battles are the best, especially when you are watching it’ again I laughed, those boys are crazy. I looked at the comments most of them were not plenty at all.

‘who the hell is that girl?’ ‘why in the hell is she with them?’ ‘can she not?’ ‘I think she is too near of them, she need to move the fuck away?’ ‘Ok so Niall and Liam posted the same picture. The question is who is she and why are the boys with her? I don’t like her and I don’t even know her name :/’

Shouldn’t surprised me, I know what the reactions of the girls would be. I mean I am one of them and practically I knew what they would say, but still felt weird and sad that those comments were towards me. They need to calm down, I know I am a girl who is with the boys in an apt but they is no need to freak out and hate me when nothing is happening. I decided to ignore them because honestly I had no idea what could I said, there was nothing and I mean nothing that could calm down the Directioners. I know that for experience, I am one of them.

All of us were sitting on the couch, I was sitting in the big one Niall was next to me and Liam. Harry was sitting in front of me, Zayn was in the other chair, and Louis had to bring a chair from the kitchen. Little by little I loose the theme of the conversation, my eye lid were heavy, and being awake was started being a difficult job. It was just 6 in the afternoon but I had a hell long trip and the time zone change is very challenging plus at this time back in the US I would be sleeping already, before I knew I closed my eyes and before I knew I was falling asleep with my head in Niall’s shoulder.

*Niall POV

We were having a nice conversation; Nani was barreling talking she was just nodding and she looked very tired in less than 5 minutes after I notice how tired she looked I felt her head falling in my shoulder, I put my arm across her shoulders. I made the hush and made sign towards Nani indicating that she was sleeping “take her to her room” Liam whispered “we should go now, she look very tired” Harry told to all of us “yes I will took her in her room and we will go. Wait for me” “ok” they all said. I took her in my arms; it felt nice having her in my arms peaceful sleeping. I opened the door of the only room in the apartment it was more than obvious that it was her room, it was dark but the window gave me enough light to see where I was walking. I put her in the bed when I was covering her with the sheets she opened her eyes “Niall?” I heard her voice “where are all the guys?” she asked standing up “they are outside. We are going now” “why?” she looked at me confused “you are very tired, and you need rest” I explained to her “No! you don’t have to go, I will be up in any minute I am ok” when she stand she almost fell. I know why, that happens to me sometimes when you are very tired and get up you can feel very dizzy. I hold her before she could fell, when I looked at her she was blushing “it’s ok, really. Here sit you don’t want to faint” I told her while helping her sitting on the edge of the bed. There was a knock on the door and Louis head appear “sorry, we were wondering why you were taking so much” “oh ok, Nani woke up and well she didn’t want us to go but she is really tired” I explained him “I am fine” she said again “no you are not. Sorry love but you look awful” Louis said and I looked at him with a death glare. How he can say to her that she look awful? “Anyways, you need to sleep and we are going end of the discussion” I said ending this.


sorry guys i didnt update last friday but i was so busy and well the long weekend actually was like a day for me, but i promise i double update this week so enjoy this ;) hopefully you guys comment and well like it. Love you ;D

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