Freaks of Nature

So, this is about four sisters that lead not-so-normal lives. They were all named after a gemstone. All of them have a weird and wacky job that not many people are very interested in. The eldest; Amethyst is a mortician. The second eldest; Tiger'sEye is a coroner. The third; Emerald is a crime scene cleaner. And the last one; Aquamarine is a taxidermist. This is just a little bit about their lives and how they all came to be in grave danger. ***only yellow because of violence and gore and really awkwardly creepy scenes.***

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


4. Kidnapped. Bloody Brilliant. 

"Come on... Come on!" I muttered as I called James on my phone. My car had broke down at work, and it was well past midnight. It was freezing out, and I couldn't get back inside. 

It just kept ringing and ringing. He wasn't answering! "Are you kidding me?! JAMES ALEX JOHANSON!! ANSWER YOUR BLOODY PHONE!" I left as a very endearing voicemail to my husband. 

Then I heard the sound of the clicking of the safety of a gun. I froze and reached down to my right hip. My gun was out of my holster and in my hand in five seconds flat. I did a survey of my surroundings as I whirled around with my gun out and ready to shoot. 

I do NOT mess around. 


Ice crunching. 

Nerves wracking. 

Claiming breaths. 

Gun pointed at the ready. 

"Now, now, poppet, you don't want to make this worse do you?" A man's disgusting voice growled to me.

I smirked. "I'm not the one who decided to come upon the Coroner of The London Precinct." 

*Author's Note: In England, guns are given to police personnel and some citizens after a very thorough federal look at the citizen.*

He snorted at me. 

I trained my gun with my laser at him. I placed the little green dot on his chest. Directly over his heart. 

"That's not going to help you much, Mrs. Johanson."

"Actually, it's Mrs. Guttenburg-Johanson." I smirked. 

And then it all got out of control. 

He fired at me, hit me square in my left shoulder. I shot him. And I didn't stop. 

He went down, and I stopped, dialing 999 as I did. 

That's when I was blindsided from the back and it all went black. 

=F. O. N.=

"Ti. Ti?" Someone was hitting my face. 

"Ame, if it wasn't working earlier, what makes you think it'll work now?!" Said another's voice. 

"Shut it, Aqua! I have to try!" Ame answered. 

"Guys, snuff it! Now!" Said yet another. "We don't need this. We have to concentrate on what's going on!" 

"Em! How are you so put together?!"

I opened my eyes, finally realising that it's my sisters that were talking. 

"Ame. Aqua. Em. What's...whats...going on?" I groaned as I sat up, leaning against something cold, hard, and wet. 

"TI!!" Came a chorus of my sisters' voices, all rushing to me. 

"Yeah, I'm alive. Bleeding h-ll. What happened?"

"We were attacked. And so were you. We were taken." Amethyst said.

"Brought here, thrown in a cell together." Aquamarine said. 

"And it's a bit dingy and gross." Emerald said. 


"Why?" I asked, aloud, knowing that nobody would know the answer. 

They stayed silent, allowing me the quiet to think and contemplate the problem we've been faced with. 

"The kids?" I demanded. 

"Were all at home with the boys."

Thank God! If my daughter had been harmed, these thugs would be even MORE dead when I get ahold of them!! 

"They're dead." I seethed in anger, letting my powers envelope my body, mind, and soul. 

The room became steaming hot. My sisters let their righteous fire envelope themselves as well. The room we were held in became hotter than a sauna. 

Then I realised, we'd need to keep this down in order to escape without questions. 

You see, we are angels. We are The Four Angels of Righteous Fire and Death. But, we were in for it here. No one knew about us (except our parents). Not even our husbands. 

So, I stopped them. 

"Stop. We need to think about why they took us. What could they possibly need from us?" 

"What case did you just find the Mafia Boss guilty of?" Em said with a growl. 

Crud. I didn't even think of. I was the one to actually be able to tie the Mafia Boss to a string of THIRTY murders. 

"Thirty. Unsolved. Murders." I squeaked out. 

"Bloody. Freaking. Bloody. Brilliant!" Amethyst growled as she lunged at me. 

"Hey!" I said in annoyance. My left shoulder opened up again from the movements. And my body was once again bleeding all over my clothes.

And then the door opened and someone walked in to see us.

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