Freaks of Nature

So, this is about four sisters that lead not-so-normal lives. They were all named after a gemstone. All of them have a weird and wacky job that not many people are very interested in. The eldest; Amethyst is a mortician. The second eldest; Tiger'sEye is a coroner. The third; Emerald is a crime scene cleaner. And the last one; Aquamarine is a taxidermist. This is just a little bit about their lives and how they all came to be in grave danger. ***only yellow because of violence and gore and really awkwardly creepy scenes.***

**Claimer: This is the original work of the author. Do not plagiarize. You will be caught and then you will have to deal with the consequences. Thank you.**


3. I Guess Things Work Out In The End

I stopped and turned crimson. This boy was really cute. And I mean REALLY CUTE! But as I came to my senses, I shrieked out in indignation and booted it back up to my room. Only when I made it out of their eye sight did I realize I was crying as well from this. 

My sisters (apparently) looked incredibly guilty to my mother who immediately rounded on them. She found everything out, and made her way to my room, where I was currently going through all the crappy clothes that they left for me in nothing but a bra and panties with the door locked. 

"Ti, it's Mum. Could you let me in?" 

I growled and marched over to the door and flung it open, revealing my seething self to my oh so loving mother. She suppressed a laugh at what she saw. In my BLACK AND RED room, there was PINK EVERYWHERE! 






And worse of all: PINK BRAS AND PANTIES! (Which I was STUCK wearing!!)

This was by far the WORST THING that they could have done to me.

"Love, you may want to cover up a little bit more." She whispered, looking over her shoulder pointedly. 

The boy was still downstairs, probably being harassed by my siblings, so I didn't care about being in MY room with just underclothing on. I glared at her. 

"Can I assist you in any way?" I grounded out, trying to keep a lid on my temper and attitude. 

Mum sighed. "The girls are really sorry about all of this. I just got done talking to them. They are extremely upset about what they did inadvertently, by making you have nothing to wear but that towel. You and Ame are the same size, use her clothes for now and we'll go out this weekend and get you some new clothes." 

I huffed. But I nodded my head, and grabbed Ame's favourite shirt and jeans and put them on. Black on black. REAL clothes. 

"So, are you coming down. You might want to meet this boy I'm sure he'd love to meet you! At least NOW he does." She chuckled, at MY expense. 

"If he wants to meet me, I'll be SURE to meet him." I said with a dangerous undertone that Mum didn't pay attention to. 

She knew she wouldn't be able to stop my feminism from kicking in, so she just shrugged her shoulders and we were on our merry way down the blasted stairs I had just been on a mere ten minutes ago. 

Amethyst stopped talking first, noticing my clothes. She glared at me and I just raised one eyebrow. She stopped and pouted, feeling terrible for what she did. Then the rest followed. Even the boy. 

Whom, I made sure to give a long, meaningful, pee-your-pants-inducing glare to. He gulped from fear and I smirked at him. 

"Girls, this is James. He's new and going to your school. We were asked to make friends with him and get to know him." 


I looked at him and said normally, "I'm Tiger'sEye. And just to be clear, you look, touch, breathe, do ANYTHING that I do NOT like AT ALL to me or my sisters, and you will be in the ICU so fast, you won't be able to tell the police what happened. Do I make myself clear?" 

He nodded his head, clearly intimidated. 

"Good. But, it's nice to meet you!" I said with a smile and hugged him. 

He looked like he was about to pee his pants from fear. Good. He knew not to test me. We're getting a long wonderfully!! 

Ame glared at him, seeing something I didn't see. "Remove your gaze from my sister's body or I shall remove your eyes." She said calmly. 

"Who?" I said, obviously referring to who was he looking at so closely. 

"You." Em and Aqua said in a growl. 

I blushed, knowing WHY he was staring at me so intently. Then I whirled around on him. "Why. Are. You. Staring. At. Me?!" 

He flinched. Apparently, I was scary. "You're beautiful."

"I have the same face as her!" I snapped pointing at my sister. "So either I'm beautiful and she's not or we both are. Which. Is. It?"

"The latter one." He said quickly. 

"Oh... Well.. I hadn't expected that.. Umm... Thanks?" 

He laughed at me and then grabbed my hand in his and asked me to be his girlfriend. And I, of course screamed at him in indignation and we all pounced on him, causing some bodily injuries. But, I said yes. 

About seven and a half months later when he wouldn't let it go. 

See, guys? Love works out in the craziest of ways. Well, that's why this stuck out to me. Why this particular memory stuck out to me. Because as I finish up coroner schooling (I was already taking all the AP courses for it in high school), I'm engaged to be married in a month, yes to James. And this is just one wacky story after another!

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