The Babysitter

Marnie is your usual 'hoodlum' who disrespects her mom in ways. She is told not to hang out with the people that she does, but she does it anyways. Well her mom ends up going on a business trip for a couple of months and she hires a babysitter. Her mom doesn't allow boys in the house but she hires Zayn Malik to be her babysitter and she leaves. Marnie's boyfriend Luke gets jealous but ends up going on tour, leaving Zayn and her alone but Zayn has a girlfriend, will she get in the way? Will things happen between her and Zayn? What will happen when she meets the other lads? Read and find out!!


9. Chapter 9

I barely knew what the movie was about since I had my head on Zayn’s shoulder most of the time. “You are such a wimp.” He says and I laugh and I let go of his arm. I don’t let go of his hand. “Meanie.” I say and he smiles. “I am not mean.” He says, gasping and I laugh. “Meanie and Marnie is almost the same word.” He says and I laugh. “I am not mean; I am the sweetest girl you know.” I say, winking. “Maybe.” He says and I laugh. “I need to go to sleep.” I say and he smiles. “Good night then.” He says and I smile. “I don’t want to go to sleep though.” I say and I let go of his hand and I get up. “My hand is lonely.” He says, making a pouty face and I laugh. “Sorry.” I say and he smiles. “The lads are coming over this weekend, is that ok?” He asks and I nod and I go to the kitchen and he comes in. “They think we are dating.” He says and I laugh. “Funny.” I say, winking and I sit on the counter, waiting for my pop tart to be done in the toaster.

The rest of my week was slow and boring, sometimes I would come home and Beca would be over, sometimes I would be home alone. It’s Saturday morning and someone’s here. I sigh and get up and I go downstairs where Zayn is standing there with Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam. “Is this the girl?” Liam asks. “She’s hot!” Harry says and I just push back my bangs. “Harry!” Liam scolds and he just shrugs and winks at me. “Hello love.” Louis says and I smile and I stand next to Zayn. “Hi guys, I’m Marnie.” I say, smiling. “Oh we know.” Harry says, winking. “Alright then, Harry, you are going to stay on the other side of the house.” I say, smiling and he just grins. “He’ll grow on you.” Zayn says. “For his sake, he better hope so.” I say and we all go to the living room, except me, I go to the kitchen where Niall is. “Hi, you are quiet.” I say and he smiles at me. “Sorry, a bit tired.” I listen to his thick Irish accent and I smile. “You can go lay in Zayn’s room.” I say and then I lead him up there and he smiles gratefully and then I go back to the living room. “Niall is sleeping in your room, Zayn.” I say, plopping down on the recliner. “Alright.” He says and I turn on the TV. “Where is your restroom?” Liam asks. “I will take you to it.” Zayn says and they get up and leave. “You are really hot.” Harry says and I look at him and he is standing next to me. “Thanks.” I say, smiling. “Harry, mind your manners.” Louis says and I smile at him. I get up and stand in front of Harry and I poke his stomach and he giggles. “I like her.” Harry says and I laugh and roll my eyes and I go to the kitchen and Harry follows me. “Can I kiss you?” He asks and I turn. “No.” I say and he just shrugs and then leaves. I get a glass of water and someone walks in and I turn and it’s Zayn. “Be careful of Harry.” He says and I nod and he smiles. “Thanks.” I say, kissing his cheek. “He’s really nice but a bit of a heartbreaker.” He says and I nod. “Thanks for the warning.” I say, laughing and I go back to the living room and I plop down onto the couch. “So, do you live alone, with Zayn?” Liam asks but I shake my head. “My mom is on a trip and he is ‘babysitting’ me.” I say and he nods. “Aren’t you a little old to have a babysitter?” Harry asks and I shrug. “She doesn’t trust me.” I say and then my phone rings and I see that it is Luke. “I’ll be right back.” I say and I pop up and I leave the room. “Hey.” Zayn says but I put my finger up and I answer my phone. “Hey!” Luke says and I smile and I sit on the counter. “Hi Luke, how is it going?!” I ask, smiling at Zayn and he smiles back slightly. “I miss you a lot and-“ He starts but then gets cut off. “MARNIE!!!” Cal screams and I pull the phone away from my ear. “Hi Cal.” I say and he giggles. “Hey Marnie.” Michael says and I smile. “Hi Mikey.” I say and then the phone has handed off again. “Hi beauty.” Ash says and I smile. “Hi Ash.” I say and then Luke is back. “Sorry.” He says and I laugh. “It’s fine. Well I love you.” I say and I could tell he was smiling because I heard the guys go oooooh!!! “I love you too.” He says and just before I hang up, I hear him yell at them and I smile and hang up. I look over at Zayn who looks sad and I walk over and I hug him. “Do you want to have a party?!” I ask and he just shakes his head. “Parties are not aloud.” He says and I make a pouty face. “Please, not too many people but enough.” I say, poking his cheeks and he sighs. “Fine.” He says and I jump on him and I kiss his forehead. 

Authors Note

Ok if Cal was my boyfriend, I would so love him forever! He is so adorable!! Ok ahem, moving on, Zayn isn't liking this idea of a party!! DUN DUN BUM!! -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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