The Babysitter

Marnie is your usual 'hoodlum' who disrespects her mom in ways. She is told not to hang out with the people that she does, but she does it anyways. Well her mom ends up going on a business trip for a couple of months and she hires a babysitter. Her mom doesn't allow boys in the house but she hires Zayn Malik to be her babysitter and she leaves. Marnie's boyfriend Luke gets jealous but ends up going on tour, leaving Zayn and her alone but Zayn has a girlfriend, will she get in the way? Will things happen between her and Zayn? What will happen when she meets the other lads? Read and find out!!


7. Chapter 7

We arrive at the market and I run inside and I start grabbing food and Zayn walks up with a cart and I put the stuff in and then I stand in between Zayn in the cart and I step on it and he pushes the cart with me on it. I lean against his chest and he kisses my head. I giggle and I hop off and I almost trip Zayn. “Can I get it?!” I ask, referring to the kitten. “I don’t know.” He says and I look down at the only cat left in the pin. “Please.” I say, picking up the cat and I pet her. She is a calico and if I get her I will call her Cali. “Please Zaynie!!” I beg, giving him the puppy dog eyes. “Fine, just stop with those beautiful eyes.” He says, grinning at me and I giggle and I snuggle the kitty. “Cali.” I say and he smiles. “Better not let Harry see her.” He says. “Why?” I ask and he kisses Cali’s head. “He has always wanted a cat.” He says and I smile. “Am I going to meet them?” I ask, paying for Cali and I set her in the box and I put the box in the cart. “Of course.” He says and I smile. “Yay.” I say, kissing his cheek and we finish shopping. “Wait! I forgot Scooter’s dog food.” I say and he unloads the groceries into his car. “I’ll be back.” I say running back inside and getting the food and I run into Ashton. “Ashton, what are you doing here?” I ask, putting down the food to pay for it. “Luke wanted to talk to you!” He says and he looks around and then points and I turn and Luke is looking lonely and sad. “Luke!” I scream and he looks at me and his face brightens and he walks over. “Luke, shouldn’t you be gone?” I ask, hugging him. “We have a 15 minute stop.” He says and I kiss him. “I have a new cat, she is a calico and I named her Cali.” I say and he smiles and hugs me tight. “Marnie!” Calum shouts and I look over Luke’s shoulder at him and I walk around Luke and he picks me up in a bear hug. “Hey Cal.” I say and then Mikey picks me up and hugs me tight. “Hi Mikey.” I say and he smiles and then Luke wraps his arms around my waist. “What about Ash.” I say and he lets me go and I hug Ashton and he smiles and then Luke puts his arms around my waist again.

I move up behind Ash and I pay for my dog food and then Luke and I stand by the doors and I hold him tight. “I am going to miss you.” He says and I smile. “I’m going to miss you too.” I say and he kisses me. “I love you.” He says and I hug him tighter. “I love you too.” I say, letting a tear escape. I watch him, Mikey, Ash, and Cal leave and then the tears start falling, I go back to the car and I get in and I wipe away my tears. “Luke?” Zayn asks and I nod and he leans over and kisses my cheek, at first I am a little surprised but then I shake it off.

He drives us back to my house, we make sure Scooter is ok with Cali being there, they get along and then we unpack the groceries and then we go back out to his car. I lay in the passenger seat and he lies in the drivers’ seat and we just sit there, staring at each other. “You need to go see your girlfriend; you are spending way too much time with me.” I say, laughing and he smiles. “I know, I will tomorrow, while you are at school.” He says and I smile and I shiver a little. He picks up his jacket and puts it over me, even though I am already in his hoodie. “Are you cold?” I ask and he shakes his head but I see him shake a little and I push up the arm rest and so does he and I start scooting over but I fall in between the seats and I start laughing. He laughs and then he lands on top of me. “Zayn!” I say and we start laughing. He lays down the back seat and we lay side by side under a blanket and I am still freezing. I scoot closer to him and I close my eyes. I fall asleep, warm.

Authors Note

Aw, isn't it cute?! Hehe, fangirling over my own writing, I am actually surprised I came up with something like this XD -1D's Diana and 5SOS' Kangaroo and Lou's Carrot;)

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