jades secret ft Little Mix Tulisa Cher Lloyd and Demi Lovato (and family)

jade has a bad past but after performing on the X factor and winning it jade has begun to believe she has a really family. but when her dad shows up to try and talk will jade fall into old habits will Jesy Perrie Leigh-Anne Demi and Cher notice that jade needs their support before its to late. jade relizes that the girls wont let her slip through the cracks but when they begin to hang out with their boyfriends will jade end it all or will the girls be her saviors. will the stress of work and having the man she hates the most cause some of the things she fears the most to happen again. jade needs help and shes sending out the sign now its up to the girls to relize shes sending for help will they get to her in time or will she be lost in the sea of depression and misery forever?


4. chapter 4

Tulisa's POV
two hours and sit no call or text from Jesy Dallas Perrie or even Jade. I count help but worry that jade was doing something stupid but at this point I wouldn't care if jade walked in this house high hell even a drunk text would be better then nothing. I sighed listening to Demi and her boyfriend Karl argue as I getting up to grab my phone I hear Demi yell "Get the hell put of my house and don't even fucking think of coming back!" then I heard the door slam shut and Demi came walking into the kitchen I was surprised to see that her face didn't have tear streaks like I thought it would Demi walked over to me and hugged me whispering in my ear. "T I'm so sorry I didn't know Jade and Karl were related and that they had a bad past if I had I would have never invited him over nor would I have gone out with him..." Demi was cut off by the sound of the back door being thrown open. I called out thinking it was Leigh-Anne. "well did you find J..." my breath caught when I saw Jade run through the kitchen and stop to grab some keys. I let go of Demi as fast as I could. I ran to the door and reached out to pull her back but when my hand made contact with her shirt she shook me off and got into her car. I could smell the liquor on her breath it wasn't much but having been around drunks for most of my life I could tell. I ran back inside told Demi Marissa and Leigh-Anne and we went out to get in the car just as I was pulling out Dallas Jesy and Perrie come out of the house they ran to the car and got in. it wasn't long before I saw her car I let out a breath I didn't know I had been holding in and started to pull over when I saw a big truck go through the stop sign straight into Jade's car...
Jesy's POV
I stood there staring at Jade for a few seconds before composing myself. "Jade..." I was cut off as she got up and started running back to Demi's house. "come on we've got to catch her." I said panicking. Dallas grabbed Perrie and we followed after Jade. the back door was thrown open when we got to the house. we tore through the house and out the open front door. everyone else was in Demi's car. we climbed in and followed after Jade. when we caught up with Jade I breathed a sigh of relief. the next few seconds seem to have slowed down as we watched in horror as a truck blew through the stop sign running right into Jade's car. Demi pulled over already dialing 911. the rest of us ran to what remains of Jade's car if you could call what was left a car how could she have even... I stopped myself saying that I had to focus on getting Jade out of the car and into our safe arms.

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