jades secret ft Little Mix Tulisa Cher Lloyd and Demi Lovato (and family)

jade has a bad past but after performing on the X factor and winning it jade has begun to believe she has a really family. but when her dad shows up to try and talk will jade fall into old habits will Jesy Perrie Leigh-Anne Demi and Cher notice that jade needs their support before its to late. jade relizes that the girls wont let her slip through the cracks but when they begin to hang out with their boyfriends will jade end it all or will the girls be her saviors. will the stress of work and having the man she hates the most cause some of the things she fears the most to happen again. jade needs help and shes sending out the sign now its up to the girls to relize shes sending for help will they get to her in time or will she be lost in the sea of depression and misery forever?


2. chapter 2

 jades POV
when we got to Demi's house I started to get nervous. Perrie rang the door bell and I started thinking of excuses to leave early. "jade jesy perrie leigh-anne!!!! you guys made it!!!" demi shouted. "we told you we would show and we did." jesy said laughing at demis enthusiasm.  "come on in you guys are early so make yourselves at home. Dallas Maddie Karl come here for a second!!" "what wheres the fire who died ?!?!?" Dallas screamed running into the kitchen closely followed by Maddie and oh no it cant be what the hell is he doing here?!?!? I stiffened I hope he didnt notice me yet. "Jade?!?!? What the hell are you doing here????" Karl screamed at me yup he had seen me. "I could ask you the same thing Karl. why did you leave? was it because I wanst good enough for the family because if it was I already knew that dad made damn sure I knew it all the time everyday!!!!!" he wants to scream at me well two can play tthis game. "no that was never my in..." I cut him off "I dont give a damn anymore you left me alone with him Karl do you know how broken I was how broken I still am because you thought leaving me alone with dad was for the best no you dont because you didnt give a damn about me you only thought about yourself and you obviously still only think about yourself!!!!!"  he didnt say anything noone did I couldnt take it I needed to get out of there I needed a release and ASAP.  I ran out of the house and heard jesy perrie and Dallas calling and running after me but I didnt stop.
jesys pov
"and you obviously still only care about ypurself!!!" I couldnt believe how broken jade sounded she sounded like me growing up when I use to get bullied. jade stood there for a few seconds just staring at the guy named Karl then turned and ran out the door perrie dallas and I ran after her screaming her name as we ran. After a few minutes we had lost her. we started searching the woods. after about an hour of searching we heard some noises coming from elbehind a big tree it sounded like sobbing and it broke my heart knowing that jade was crying like this. we walked around the tree and found jade crying and holding an empty whiskey bottle. my heart broke even More knowing that she was in so much pain that she had to get drunk to get rid of the pain. "dallas helpme carry her back to the house. " "okay." we picked jade up and started carrying her back when she started thrashing around screaming "nooo please dont take me back there he'll beat me noo I didnt mean to run away I really didnt just please dont take me back to him"  I was shocked and scared who would hurt our jadey she hadnt done anything wrong. "who jade who will hurt you?" Dallas asked just as confused as I was. "daddy. he'll hurt me he'll beat me and then ill run off and hurt myself." she said. she pulled the sleves of her jumper up and I couldnt beleive what I  was seeing neither fould Dalls or perrie dallas looked scared and shocked and worried perrie I couldnt tell what she was feeling. there on jades arm were scars that had been self inflicted. she was cutting. she had been abused. I couldnt believe it our jadey hurting herself because she was told she wasnt good enough. I made a vow right then and there. I would protect jade from herself and her father no matter what I had to do. she wouldnt hurt herself nor would anyone ever touch or hurt her again as long as I lived...

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