jades secret ft Little Mix Tulisa Cher Lloyd and Demi Lovato (and family)

jade has a bad past but after performing on the X factor and winning it jade has begun to believe she has a really family. but when her dad shows up to try and talk will jade fall into old habits will Jesy Perrie Leigh-Anne Demi and Cher notice that jade needs their support before its to late. jade relizes that the girls wont let her slip through the cracks but when they begin to hang out with their boyfriends will jade end it all or will the girls be her saviors. will the stress of work and having the man she hates the most cause some of the things she fears the most to happen again. jade needs help and shes sending out the sign now its up to the girls to relize shes sending for help will they get to her in time or will she be lost in the sea of depression and misery forever?


1. chapter 1

 Jade's POV
it's been three weeks since we won the X Factor. we're all psyched for a party that Demi Lovato is having. yes I said Demi Lovato we meet her a few hours before we won the X Factor.
she had been asked to perform on the show a few weeks ago. when we met her she said she had supported us since week one. I was mentally yelling at myself trying so very hard not to fangirl Jesy noticed this and had decided to make it obvious. "jadey here is one of your biggest fans." I glared at Jesy. " I um I uh I really am a big fan of yours Demi." I said blushing. "I could tell." she said smiling trying not to laugh. "Oh I..." just then my phone started ringing. Leigh looked at me funny while I excused myself Demi also wore a mask of confusion. I answered the phone knowing who was calling and how the conversation would go. I sighed looking down at the almost faded scars that covered my wrists while I pressed the accept call button. "heyyyyy jjjadeee." my dad slurred. Yup just what I thought he was drunk it doesn't surprise me at all. "What dad?" I asked trying not to piss him off. "Don't speak to me like that bitch" he shouted. I flinched instinctively. I looked back to make sure the girls hadn't noticed my little jump. they hadn't. "I'm sorry" I whispered into the phone. "good girl. now I wanted to tell you that I'm coming to see you perform and that I want to talk to you after your show." he said slurring worse then before.
"o...okay" I stuttered knowing the girls would find out about everything my father does to me. I quickly hung up as they called Demi to go on stage I walked over hugged her and wished her good luck. "if you don't mind me asking who was that who called?" Jesy asked the other girls turned around looking for an answer. "it was my dad" I said faking cheerfulness. "Oh what did he want?" Perrie asked. "to let me know that him and me mam were here and wanted to talk to me after the show." I said twisting what he had really said. "Oh cool" Perrie said. and we turned back to face the stage just in time to hear Demi start singing her song skyscraper. when she was done it was time for us to go on. "good luck girls" Demi called. "Thanks" we yelled together. and with that we walked out on stage. after we finished performing we came off stage to only to be met with our families and of course Demi. "you guys did amazing. if you guys don't win I'm definitely going to sign you to my record company." Demi said with a little too much enthusiasm. just then my parents walked in I could tell they had both been drinking my dad more then me mam. Jesy shot me a questioning glare as I met them half way. I hug my man knowing she wouldn't hit me at all but my dad now he was another story. I hugged my dad then backed away quickly." can we talk we private sweetheart" my mam asked. as I pulled my parents in the direction of our dressing room I noticed Demi's older sister Dallas staring at me. I ignored it and continued pulling my parents into my dressing room. I looked at them. "what's up guys." I asked. "Shut up you fat whore" my dad said. he raised his hand and smacked me crossed the face. "babe..." mam started to say but it was to late dad had already started to slap me more. after he knocked me to the floor a second time I didn't bother getting up I just laid there and let him kick slap and punch me all he wanted. my dad finally stopped when someone knocked on the door it was T "Jade it's time to go on again" she shouted. "okay" I say trying to sound normal but failing. "You alright jade " T asked concern and worrie clear in her voice. "yeah I'm fine" I said. "okay" my parents left the room and I limped over to the table to get some makeup to cover my now fat lip and black eye. after I finished there I pulled out the one thing that could take all this pain away. my blade. I placed only wrist and slowly pushed down enjoying the feeling that came when I did this. I whispered to myself each time I cut something different. after I had cut several times I threw some makeup on the cuts and walked out of the dressing room trying not to limp.
                                     *FLASHBACK ENDS*
"Jade...Jade....JADE!!!!" Perrie screamed. "sorry what did you say?" I asked "I said come on were leaving now. Are you alright baba?" Perrie asked. " yup I'm fine" I said faking a smile to reassure her. "okay well then let's get going" "yeah let's go" I said once again faking a smile. hopefully nobody will notice the uncovered cuts on my wrists. I sighed and left the flat with the other girls.

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