Christmas Cat

Its about a cat named Paws who helps santa


1. A Normal Cat

Once there was a cat named Paws. She was very fat with puffy fur. She lived with a family of five. One Christmas night she was sitting by the warm fire. Then something came down the chimney it was a big dude with a red suit well that's at least what she thought. So the guy magically took her to a cold place were it was snowing. He said " give this cat the power to speak to me". After that he said "hi" I tried to say and it worked. Oh my gosh I can talk to you and also how did you do that. "Well I'm Santa" he said in a loud voice " who's Santa " well I'm somebody who gives good little girls and boys toys every year". " And why did you bring me here I'm just a cat".  "You will see later" he said sounding very nice. "Well do you want to see my workshop" well of course I do". So we went inside a huge building. It was bigger then any one I ever saw. He showed me little dudes called elf's they were small with big ears. 


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