this is a story of adultery, lies ,betrayal that may just end in death. will the truth really set you free or will you be "sleeping with the fishes". a preachers wife and a doctor involved in a taboo liaison. you know what they say what he doesn't know wont break his heart..remember what you do in the dark always come to light .


1. whats done in the dark...

Olivia woke up next to Nigel in the hotel suite they rented for the night.she looked at his sleeping body his chest rising and falling.she thought of the night of love making last night it was wonderful . Nigel's eyes fluttered open he saw her and said "good morning beloved" with a smile . she said "good morning baby" and kissed him on the cheek . Olivia then got out of bed put on her pink slippers and robe and sashayed to shower being sure to throw a seductive smile over her shoulder. she hung her robe on the door and turned on the shower she got in the hot water warmed her body as she grabbed her loofah and dove body wash. she scrubbed her body while the jets massaged it finally she turned the water off. she grabbed the plush towel and dried herself off she felt good . then she walked over to the mirror and looked at herself and frowned. what am i going to tell my husband she thought : what if he finds out about this he probably going to divorce me and the church is going to go into a frenzy i can see it now pastors wife caught cheating . i would have start a new life somewhere else . Nigel walked in and her train of thoughts ended he said "whats wrong baby" she sighed "i was just thinking about the consequences if Matthew or someone from church caught us" 'ah i see don't worry about that baby what he doesn't know wont break his heart" "how can i not worry i have so much to lose you don't your single no kids and have a stable job" "are you trying to say you want to end it" "no i don't want to end just take a break for a awhile so i can lay low in case Matthew is suspicious" 'pk baby lets get out of her its all most ten" they walked out of the bathroom and grabbed their overnight bags cellphones and keys. they headed out the door and went to the elevator . they heard the bing the doors opened they walked in Nigel pressed the silver button that would take them to the lobby. they rode down in a companionable silence finally they reached the lobby. they turned in their keys and went their seprate ways as if they were strangers.
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