over again ➳ [h.s. love story]

Lexi Fuentes is a senior in high school. She just broke up with her boyfriend and is still heartbroken. Jake has been there for Lexi no matter what. but, now he is in "love with her." Harry Styles moved to the US with his friends Zayn, Harry, Louis and Liam. But, there's one thing...they are apart of One Direction. The boys of One Direction are going to high school. But what happens when Harry's past catches up with him? Will Lexi save Harry? Will they both save each other? Read and find out :) Copyright © 2013 Kayla S.


3. Monster.

Harry's POV :)

        "What the fuck was that Harry?" Zayn yelled at me.

        "Fuck off man, I don't want to hear your whining," I spat at him.

        "Don't try to be all hard and shit Harry. This is our first day at this school, and you have already crewed up shit. Typical Harry, always screwing shit up. Just because Raegan is gone does not mean you have to act like a complete prick all the time."

        "Shut the fuck up Zayn," I growled. My blood started to boil.

        "Make me," he said.

        I clenched my fists and so did Zayn. I took a step and before I could swing at him, Louis and Liam stepped in between us.

        "Knock it off you two!" Liam yelled.

        "People are starting to stare," Louis said.

        "Let them stare Louis," Zayn said. "They all need to witness Harry get his ass whooped."

        This guy knows he could never drop me. Trying to sound all tough and shit. I pulled my arm back, and punched Zayn in the face. He stumbled backwards and fell on the ground. I jumped on top of him and punched him again, and again, and again. Blood started gushing out of his nose. Suddenly, I felt several light hits on my back.

        "Get off of him you prick," she yelled. I recognized her voice. It was the girl from earlier.

        "Stop Harry! Stop!" she yelled. Then she shoved me off of Zayn. Then Louis, Liam and Niall swooped down to pin me up against the wall.

        "Not so tough now huh you little bitch!" I yelled.

        The girl from earlier was blotting Zayn's face with a paper towel, trying to get all of the blood off of his face. Suddenly another guy showed up. Her boyfriend? The girl whispered in his ear. He nodded and helped Zayn up, and they started walking towards the opposite end of the hallway. Suddenly the girl walked over to me. *SMACK* I heard my jaw crack. My face was turning red where she smacked me at. I could feel it.

        "You are a fucking monster," she roared.

        Then she started walking down the hallway that Zayn and "her boyfriend" just walked down. Suddenly, I felt a tap on the shoulder and I turned around.

        "Mr. Styles, my office now! " the lady yelled.


Lexi's POV :)

        Dick face. That was all I could think. Suddenly I felt a hand grab onto my arm.

        "Lex, calm down, " Jake said.

        "He is such a jerk," I said.

        "It's okay Lex. Just calm down."

        "Okay, fine."

        I took a couple deep breaths. I instantly felt better.

        "C'mon Lex, we gotta get to class."


        Sadly we had to walk down the same hallway where I called Harry a "dick face." Why?!?!?! 
        I was not expecting to see what I saw next. Harry was on top of some guy punching him in the face. I ran towards Harry. I didn't know what to do so I started hitting him as hard as I could.

        "Harry stop! Stop!" I screamed. I could feel eyes all around me. I shoved Harry as hard as I could to try and get him off of the poor guy. The blonde haired guy, the one wearing suspenders, and the one with the short brown hair from earlier swooped in to pin Harry up against the wall.

        "Not so tough now huh you little bitch, " Harry yelled.

        "Jake come here," I said. I leaned over and whispered in his ear. "Take him to the nurse okay," I said while blotting the guys face. HE had a model-like face with black hair. He was very attractive.

        "Sure thing Lex."

        Jake helped the boy up and walked down the hallway. Suddenly, my blood started boiling. Everything turned red and I started walking towards Harry. *SMACK*

        "You are a fucking monster," I roared.

        Then I walked away, never wanting to see Harry ever again.


I hope you liked this chapter :) lemme know what ya think! leave a comment below! btw follow me on twitter @amor_narry :) I follow back! xx

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