Grace was stuck. With no way out. She was captured a year ago by some man that wore a mask. She knew they were coming for her. They always would. It was only a matter of time. For now though she only had her memories of them to keep her sane. She just hoped they would save her soon.


7. Truth or Dare

After talking about Lauren's crush on Harry, we decided to play a game of truth or dare. Since it's Lauren's birthday she got to go first.

"Ok. So Lexie. Truth or dare?" She thought for a second and then said,

"Dare." Oh god I knew something was coming. Lauren had that devious little look on her face she got whenever she was planning something.

"Ok Lexie. I dare you to go and lick the toilet!"

"Lauren that's disgusting!!!" I quickly shouted.

"I know," she said. "That's the point." I looked over to Lexie and she had this look on her face. It was a mix of disgust and bewilderment.

"How do you come up with this stuff Lauren?" She exclaimed.

"It just comes to me." Lauren replied.

"No way am I doing that! That's disgusting. Just think about how dirty that seat is!" Lexie started rambling.

"You have to do it Lexie! You can't back out of a dare!" I said.

"COME ON LEXIE! Just do it already!" Lauren yelled.

"B-but n-no. CHICKEN!" She shouted. Ha that means Lauren had to do.

"Great thinking Lex!" I shouted and Lauren gave me a dirty look. "Having a fun birthday Lauren?" I said sweetly.

"Oh yah tons!" She said sarcastically while getting up. Lexie and I gave each other a look like Hell yah! That backfired on her! But I knew Lauren. And I knew she would do something to retaliate. We then got up and followed her into the bathroom. I was about to puke just thinking about what she was going to do. Lauren then kneeled down on the cold tile floor. She bent down and just as she was about to like the toilet, sprang up turned on the cold water in her shower, grabbed Lexie and I by the neck and threw us into the freezing water. When the cold water hit us we started screaming at the top of our lungs. I was pretty confident that the boys could hear us from there houses! All of a sudden you could hear Mr. And Mrs. Smith saying,

"What did Lauren do now?" And with that we all started cracking up. This is why I love being friends with them. We are all really crazy which makes us fun to be together.

After Lexie and I dried off we decided to continue on with our game. It was Lexie's turn and by the way she was looking at me my guess was that she was going to pick me.

"So Grace...truth or dare?"


"Yay! I hoped you would say that. Grace I dare you to call the boys and tell them you love them!" She said with a smirk. Well...shit. That's the easiest dare I have ever had to do. I guess that Lexie didn't know I tell them that all the time. We have been doing that since the day we first met.

Flash back within the flashback!!!

After Josh ran away crying we decided to go play on the monkey bars. We all took turns and and the boys helped me. I didn't have enough strength to do it just yet. One time they finally let me try it by myself. When I did I fell and got a big scrape going up my leg. In an instant all the boys were around me and comforting me. In the one day that I had known them, they had taken care of me so much. I knew they always would. I quickly said,

"Thank you guys for taking care of me. I love you guys!" And they all said they loved me too! Yay this is the best day ever.

End of flashback

Ever sense that day we had been saying I love you to each other all the time. I guess I should play along though.

"Lexie! Don't make me do this. It's so embarrassing!!!" I whined.

"Sorry Grace a dare is a dare you gotta do it." Lexie said in an overly excited way. This is gonna be fun! I looked over at Lauren and she had a smirk on her face. Lauren knew that the boys and I said I love you to each other all the time. She was there one day when we did and she totally freaked out. It was histericall!!

"Fine." I said in a fake annoyed voice. "I guess I have to." I decided I would call Louis. All of the boys were probably over there and I would be too if I weren't here. I grabbed my phone and dialed his number. It began to ring and I put it on speaker phone. Ring ring, ring ring, ring ring. And then it clicked and I heard Lou shout,


"Hi boo! Are the boys with you?" I asked and heard I noise behind me. And what did I see? There was Lexie with her face bright red, trying not to laugh, and rolling on the floor.

"Yah. Hold on let me put you on speaker."

"Hi Grace!" They all shouted at me.

"Hola! Are you guys having fun without me?"

"No! It torture! How can we possibly live without you." Zayn said sarcastically.

"I knew it! You guys just love me too much!" I said jokingly.

"We really do love you." Louis said.

"Yah Grace I love you" said Liam and all the boys chimed in.

"Awww I love you guys too!" I said . I looked at Lexie then and her jaw was on the floor. Not only did I tell them I love them I got them to tell me first! Ha! Take that Lexie. " I gotta go guys. I think Lexie need some help getting her jaw off the floor. Bye!!!" And with that I hung up. Oh god that was awesome!!!

Louis POV yay!!

After Grace hung up the phone we all started laughing histerically. That was Grace for ya. Completely random and having no rhyme or rhythm. That's the reason we all love her. She is bat-shit crazy. Grace was special to all of us. I just happened to love her In a bit of a different way. I have always had a crush on her. Ever sense that first day when Josh was bullying her. She was absolutely beautiful with her light brown hair that shines brightly in the light and her brown eyes that a lot of the time look green. She was kind and funny and sweet and everything I could ever want in a girl. But the problem is that I don't think that she like me. I hope she does some day.

Please please please like, comment, fave and share!!! Tell me do you guys like the darker parts or the happier parts. Which one should I do more of? Thank you all so much for reading this!!! I will try to update more often k?

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