Grace was stuck. With no way out. She was captured a year ago by some man that wore a mask. She knew they were coming for her. They always would. It was only a matter of time. For now though she only had her memories of them to keep her sane. She just hoped they would save her soon.


1. Regret

I keep thinking back to those days. The days that I was happy and care free. Then everything changed. HE began to chase me. He showed up everywhere and I ran. I ran from everything I knew. Everything I loved.

I regret it now. If I had only stayed then I might be safe. Maybe I wouldn't be locked down here in this dark basement with no light at all. I wouldn't smell the dead flesh from who knows what kind of of animal. I only knew that I had made a terrible mistake in running away from my best friends. They would have protected me and done everything in their power to catch this maniac. This evil man that I plead with to let me out. I beg and beg but nothing works.

The worst thing is I don't understand why. What did I do to make him hate me so much. Maybe I really do know him. I might know if he would take off that fricken mask. I would know what I did that was so bad for this man to capture me and leave me in his basement. The only thing I have left is to hope and pray that they will someday come for me.

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