Story of my life

When Jenna meets Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam and Zayn at school, who will she fall for and who will be her one night stand?


1. The only direction

I walked down the hall when I realized, putting on lotion before carrying pounds of binders... Not a good idea. I dropped them, before most could

reach the ground, someone with very muscular

arms grabbed them. I looked up only to see beautiful dark deep eyes.

"Hey" he said in such a peaceful tone.

"Hi! Thank you so much!" I said, I think I sounded a little to happy.

He laughed a deep hearty laugh. "No problem! I'm Liam... What's your name?"

"Oh my name... Right... It's... Jenna!" Uh I felt like and idiot! I forgot my own name!

"Well nice meeting you Jenna! I got to get going to class!" He said with a thin line of red spreading further and further up his cheeks. I could feel myself blushing.

" yeah! You do that! Hope to see you soon!" I giggled a bit and then forced myself to shut up. He stood up and walked away. "See you babe!" He said in that cute deep British accent. "Hopefully..." I mumbled under my breath.


I walked out to the parking lot looking for my best friend Emma's green jeep but it was no where. I stood there waiting. "Hey, do you need a lift?" I heard an unfamiliar voice. I jumped a bit. "Um...I'm waiting for my friend" I said looking into his emerald eyes. "Hehe ok well I'm Harry! What's your name?" OMG second hot guy asking for my name in a day and on my first day of grade 11. "Jenna. My friends name is Emma!" I said hoping to lower the enthusiasm in my voice. " Emma Taylors?" He asked raising one eyebrow. It looked so cute. " yeah... Why? You know her?" I was a teensy bit confused. " she's uh... Out with my friend Zayn at the moment." I was really shocked. She stood me up on the first day of school. "Uh... On second thought... I'll take that ride" I said through my teeth. Regretting my words before they even came out. "Great, the cars over there!" He pointed to a red camero with black racing stripes on it. "You have got to be kidding me..." I whispered. "He grabbed my wrist and walked me towards it with my feet dragging behind me.

I opened the car door. "Bye! Thanks for the ride!" I said smiling. "No problem!" He said grinning a devilish grin. "See you tomorrow Jenna!" I could feel my cheeks burning. " ok! Thanks again! Bye!" I smiled and turned around and walked away. "Hey do you want to sit with me and my friends tomorrow at lunch?" He asked after rolling down his window. I slowly turned around beaming so bright I felt like I could fly. "Yeah sure..." I said hopefully sounding chill. "Great!" He winked. I smiled turned around and kept walking. He waited till I was inside to drive away.

I fell onto my bed smiling and hoping that I'd see him tomorrow, which I would... I'd make sure of it

"Wake up Jenna!" I heard tatum shout. She is my housekeeper only a few years older and she was like my older sister. We have been friends since my birth. "Someone named Harry is outside waiting for you!" I screamed and fell out of bed. "Is he your boyfriend?" I got up and ran to my desk where I started doing my makeup. "Well? Is he?" She asked agitated. "No.." I thought for a bit. "Hopefully soon though" I said under my breath. " ok I'll let you get ready! Bye!" She said and walked out. I wore my baggy grey sweater and my black lathes rimmed glasses and pulled my brown hair into a bun and I grabbed an apple and put on my thigh high black boot high heels and walked out looking down. Honk! I looked up and I saw his car. I wonder how long he has been waiting. "Hey babe!" He winked. "Hey!" I said. I walked up to the car and turned right and started walking along the side walk. "Hey! Where are you going?!" He yelled out of the open window. "To Starbucks! The place I always go before school! I never drive there and I never will! But thanks for the offer!" I yelled. "Ill go with you!" He quickly said. I looked back, smiled and turned back around and continued walking. He talked to me through the window while driving slowly beside me. "We have reached our destination!" I said not taking my eyes off of the big brown building. He climbed out and ran to open the door for me.

We got in and he inter winded our fingers the moment we stepped in. "Does this count as a date?" He whispered in my ear. "Only if you want it to be." I smiled. We walked to the counter and we ordered. "Is that all?" The boy asked me. And winked. "Hey um dude!" Harry showed him our hands and then he coughed. " cool dude! Pick up your drinks over there!" He nudged his head in the direction of the other counter where our drinks would soon be. While we waited I decided to start a serious conversation. "What was that for?" I asked Harry. "What?" I stared at him. "You know what!" He smiled and looked away. "I don't want him to take you." He laughed. "Well I'm never gonna go out with him. We just met!" I smiled. "Sounds a little like our scenario!" He smiled. "So this is a date?" I asked. "Yes!" He blushed. "Here you go!" The guy said handing us our drinks. "Let's go!" He grabbed my hand and pulled me out. I looked at my cup and laughed. The guy wrote 'hottie who's stolen (780)555-5555' Harry grabbed the cup and stormed back inside to yell at the guy. I still couldn't stop laughing when he came out and handed me my drink. "What the bloody hell is so funny?!" He screamed. I stopped and stared at him. "I'm sorry for yelling!" He pulled me in for a hug. That's when I realized he got mad at the guy cause he wanted me all to himself. "You didn't need to do that." I actually really liked that he did that but we just met! Yesterday! "I don't want you to date that pervert!" He said firmly. "I just met him didn't i?" Well you just met me didn't you?" Snappy much. "Fine, then I'm leaving! Bye!" I said and ran to school with guilt of hurting Harry back there.


"Hey! Listen I'm really..." He cut me off by hugging me. "Sorry." He said. Finishing my sentence and apologizing to me also. I squeezed him tight. "I shouldn't have gotten mad at him! I shouldn't be jealous cause I'm not your boyfriend or am I dating you! I'm just your friend and I'm sorry!" He smelt so good. I could tell that the part about us being just friends burned him inside just to think of it. "How bout you drive me home?" I offered him to take me home today cause Emma has gymnastics today. "It would be my pleasure!" He said ending it with a flip of his curly dark brown hair. He walked me to his old fashioned grey Chevy. We got in and we looked at each other. He leaned in and I did too. As soon as our lips touched, I grabbed his hair and threw him into the backseats. I jumped onto him. he looked up at me and smiled. "Take it all off baby!" He moaned. So I did. He did also. I jumped and humped and moaned. He almost screamed when someone knocked on the window. I shrieked and fell onto the ground. Harry laughed. "What the hell is so god damn funny?!" I screamed at him. "That's my friend Louis!" He laughed. "I still don't see what is so funny! We are both fricking naked!" I yelled. I pulled my clothes on. So did Harry. He kissed me and whispered in my ear. "You're pretty damn good!" He kissed me again then climbed out. He talked to Louis for a bit while I sat inside. I was so embarrassed! I crawled to the front seat. Harry climbed in. "Sex is over. We are also driving Louis home!" He said. I held my breath when Louis got in.


Bing! I looked at my iPhone and gasped. 'Hey it's Louis!' I texted back 'hi!' I waited for a bit as it showed he was writing back. 'Harry said you are amazing and very flexible ;)' I think I almost cried. I decided not to text back. 'Sorry that was very inappropriate!' He texted. 'I guess we shouldn't have done that at school.' I texted back knowing that I absolutely didn't regret. I got into the shower and just sat there. The water went cold and I screamed. "JENNA?! ARE YOU OKAY?!" I heard tatum scream. "Yes tatum! The water just went cold." I said while climbing out. I dried my hair and just climbed into my bed and fell asleep watching a movie on netflix on my laptop.


"Good mornin" Harry said kissing me on the cheek. "Hey! Can I talk to you in private?" I asked. "Uh... Yeah sure." He said unsure. I pulled him into an empty classroom. "Why did you tell him I was great?!" I whispered. "Oh...uh... I don't know! You were and he asked! It's not like you are ever gonna have sex with him!" He said sourly. "It's not like I'm gonna ever have sex with you... Again!" I smiled a sarcastic mean smile and walked out. "Baby! Can we talk about this?" He said running after me. I turned around to respond but ended up getting kissed. I shoved him off and started to cry. "hey! I'm sorry!" he said reaching for me. I reached the hall way and slammed the door in his face and ran to the bathroom. I walked in to see the biggest bitch in the school in there. "huh. somebody dump you?" Tatum castawell asked in a taunting voice. "no..." I said I had to stop myself before I started crying again. I ran away and ran to my car. ring! ring! ring!

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