Niall horan imagines

Sooooo for all you niall girls out there, i decided to make this for ya'll

Sorry if i give you all sorts of feels.


1. Niall asks you out (for 1Dlov6781)


You have been friends with Eleanor before her and louis meant. A few weeks ago, she decided to let you meet the boys and now you guys are great friends.


"So, whose up for a game of truth or dare?" Louis asks, his arm around Eleanor's waist. you roll your eyes as the rest of the boys raise there hands and get in a circle. "come on, Madi! it'll be fun!"  Eleanor grabs your arm, yanking you to where everyone else is sitting down and forcefully pushes you in between Zayn and Niall. you smile at the two boys and they return the gesture. 


"i go first!" Louis yells after El sat in between him and liam. throughout the game, you feel someone staring at you. you turn you head and find niall looking at you. you smile  at him and he turns a light shade of pink. he looks down at his hands, giving small peeks now, and then. 

"madi!" Harry yells."truth or dare?" he asks with the evilest smirk. you look at him, both of your green eyes staring into each other soul. "Dare.' you say with you head high. he's Harry, how bad could this be?


Just then Louis leans over and whispers something in Harry's ear, making him laugh. "i dare you to do seven minutes in heaven with niall." he smirks again. 


you look over at niall and see he's red as a tomato, you not any different. both of you looked at each other and shrugged your shoulder. before both of you protest, louis says ''a dares a dare!" he smirks, wiggling his eyebrows. you  look over at el and see shes stiffing a laugh, along with zayn and liam.

you look back Niall and see him already staring. you both get up and walk to the closest bedroom. you shut the door and lay down on the bed. Niall stand with his hands in his pockets. "you an awkward fella, aren't you?" you giggle and he chuckles. " i guess." just then you hear, " hear a lot of talking, not enough smooching!" and it came from Eleanor. you roll your eyes. "i know why louis and harry did this." he says. "yeah, why?" your soft Irish voice is a lot lighter than his thick one. "they know i like you" after he says that, his eyes go wide. you smile at him.


you have been having feelings for niall since the third day you guys meant. and then that's when you hear the words you've been wanting to hear. "will you go out with me, madi?" he looks you straight in the the eyes. you nod and he smiles. "three minutes left!" you hear louis voice.


"you wanna play with there heads?" niall asks you. you know exactly want he means so you start moaning. "oh my god, niall, uh harder!" he stifles a laugh and you as well, "oh my god madi, babe!" he grunts. you both get on the bed and jump on it, making it creak. "oh my god!" you moan. "quick! undo the covers!" you whisper and you both get of and start unmaking the bed. "now put your shirt inside out and unzip you pants!" you whisper and at the same time, fixing your dress by crinkling it up.

you and niall both mess each others hair up and walk out of the room. everyone stares at you both with a gasp escaping their lips. "you didnt, did you?" Eleanor asks. "luck of the Irish." you say, smiling at niall. 


"niall got some!" louis yelled, making you and niall turn red.


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