Stronger {Punk Z.M} [On Hold]

He's a player,gets with every girl he meets. If he's pissed at you, you're dead. Everyone thinks he's the toughest guy around but he's broken that's why he's the way he is. All he needs is someone he can depend on, someone who actually cares about him. Someone to help him stay strong.


3. Chapter 3

It was 10:30am when I woke up, I had forgotten to set my alarm clock. I usually wake up at seven or eight, I don't know why but I liked to wake up early. Jenn wasn't here so I guess she went out early. I took a shower and put on a blue blouse with jeans. I put my hair up in a bun and put a bit of make up on.

There was a knock on the door and I opened it. Jenn walked in wearing her clothes from last night.

"Hey Lacey!" she said

"Did you just get back?" I asked her

"Yeah I stayed with Harry... don't worry nothing happened." she laughed.

I wanted to ask her more about him but I decided to let it go for now.

"I already took a shower, I just need to change and we can go get breakfast." she told me

"I'll wait in the car." I said

I walked to her car and sat in the passenger seat. She took about fifteen minutes getting ready. When she finally got to the car we decided on going to IHOP. I was starving when we got there. While we were waiting for our food I asked her about Harry.

"How come you never told me about Harry?" I asked her

"I just met him a couple days ago, it's not a big deal." she said casually

I rolled my eyes, I could tell how much she liked him. Before I could say anything else our food came.



I woke up in a room with Miranda next to me. I got up and put my clothes on as quietly as I could. She was really clingy so I wanted to leave before she woke up.

"Zayn where are you going?" I heard her say

"To my dorm?" I responded

I left and didn't wait for her to answer. Liam and I are in the same dorm, so even though I didn't have my keys I know he's there to let me in. I heard footsteps behind me and I walked faster hoping it wasn't her. She grabbed my arm and of course it was Miranda.

"What do you want now!?" I yelled

I could tell I scared her.

"You-you forgot your phone." she stuttered, handing me my phone.

I took it and turned around.

"Your welcome." she said


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