Can He Honestly Change?

Anna West was the good girl. Never got in trouble, never did anything wrong...That is until she met Zayn.

Zayn Malik. 1/5 of One Direction, Boxer, and Bad Boy. Zayn had failed a year so was now a grade above Anna instead of two.

The thing is Anna had left due to problems she was having at home. Zayn had actually had his eyes on Anna before she left, but lost his chance, but now she's back. She is still the same old good girl, only thing that changed is her hair color which actually often changes and she got her Cartilage pierced, that's it.

Zayn was know as the player also. Every girl wants him, except Anna. She knows of Zayn's reputation and refuses to be apart of that. This shy, innocent, and caring girl hadn't realized that this guy was slowing falling for her and he was slowly changing her.

Anna eventually realizes that there's good in this guy. She knows he can be a better guy than what he is! Zayn though has a problem with showing emotion. He may say he loves someone, but ca


2. The Party (Part 1)

Author's Note!: I put this at the beginning because I know a lot of people don't read them at the end. PLEASE! Make sure you give feedback, and suggest this story to friends if you think they'll like (Or love) this story! Thank you:) ~Anna

"U-Uhhh..." I stuttered out. I honestly wasn't expecting to be encountered by the guy I use to see everyday in school. My blue eyes stared up at the brown ones.

"Well?" He growls lowly.

"Y-Yes." I didn't know what to say or do. This is a guy who is know for being one of the baddest in school. This is the same guy who has me pinned against the lockers.

"Why so nervous?" He smirked. Those brown eyes staring at me, burning into me. It made my skin crawl just seeing them in this position.

"What do you want?" I asked quietly. All I saw was a sly smirk before he walked off, leaving me in confusion before the loud ring of bells filled my ears. I frowned and grabbed my bag before heading off to class.

I had sat at the very back of the class to avoid being seen, but I guess that failed since the same guy sat right beside me.

"Zayn." He simply said. I was kinda confused until I realized the name. I knew he was the baddest, but I couldn't remember his name until now. Zayn Malik. That was him!

I heard him smirk before class started and I rolled my eyes. This is the guy who is suppose to be skipping with his crew. Half way threw class the teacher had assigned partners for all projects and partner assignments for the rest of the year. Of course, just what I needed, I got stuck with Zayn.

I couldn't help by notice his sky smirk and brown eyes full of mischief. I rolled my eyes as I noticed him staring at me.

"Would you please stop that?" I'm growled quietly. He seriously had nothing better to do? Doubt it.

"Not until you agree to go to a party my friend is having tonight." He smirks. It seems like he had a plan bubbling, but didn't show it. "If I agree then will you leave me alone?" I snapped. My blue eyes glaring at the tan figure by me. His head nodded as the bell rang.

I shook my head as I walked to my locker and sure enough, he was with his crew. He really had nothing better to do. I sighed as I went to the next period, World History.

-TimeSkip to that night-

I was still getting ready when I got a text from an unknown number

'Meet me at the corridors of the school at 6:30 PM -Zayn'

ZAYN?! How did he get my number? I quickly saved his number and sighed. My blue eyes staring down at my phone before getting ready. I had slipped on some black leather pants, a white crop top with the words 'Music is my life' on the cover in midnight blue. I did my make up then straightened my hair before slipping some black heels with black bows on them on my feet.

I had my keys and my phone in hand as I walked out the door. I then got in my Black Range Rover and drove off.

About Ten minutes later I arrived at the school to see a black and red Challenger at the school. I shook my head and got out to see the Raven haired boy at the doors of the school, a smirk plastered on his face. He jogged down the stairs as I got out. My blue eyes staring at him.

"Hola Señorita." He smirks. His hands gripping my waist. I shoved his hands off and smirks. "I don't know what you planning, but I don't like it, so hands to yourself."

I saw a grin forming an a normal nod formed. "No problem." He helped me in the car and we drove off.

Once we arrived he helped me out and we walked to the door. Thankful the house isn't far from the school. After we got inside, Zayn parter from me and I instantly got upset because I didn't know anyone here, all my friends are out of town or at home.

I sighed and walked to the kitchen and grabbed a drink. I mixed some Cotton Candy Vodka and some Sprit together in a red solo cup before heading out to the living room. I sat on the couch and quietly drank until I seen a boy staring at me. He walked over and sat down.

"What's a pretty girl like you setting out here by yourself?" He asked nervously. I found it pretty cute. A small smile appeared on my face. The boy had brunette helmet hair. You know! The hair that people have from wearing helmets or SnapBacks a lot? That! Or Bieber hair, just kinda flipped up a bit. He had dark blue eyes and he had dimples.

"Well, A guy kinda dragged me here, but I don't know where he went..." His face kinda fell. "Oh so you have a boyfriend?" He asked with a. Hint of disappointment filling his voice.

"Oh! No! He's not my boyfriend! I promise! I'm as single as can be." I smiled and turned to him.

"I'm Aaron." He states with a smile. A blush creeped up on my face.

"I'm Anna." I shook his hand and blushes when he kisses my hand. "A beautiful name, for a beautiful girl." I blushes deeper and giggles softly.

"Thank you." I accepted his compliment. I may be a very insecure girl, but it's a party right?

"I know it's a party, but could I possibly get your number? I wanna be able to get to know you." He asks nervously again. A blush creeped up on him.

"Of course." I giggled softly as we exchanged numbers. We took pictures together for the contact pictures and saved them. I blushes deeply and smiled.

"Thank you!" He smiled widely. "Your welcome." I smiled and blushes. I saw the familiar Ravened hair and brown eyes boy approaching us. "Oh gosh!" I shook my head and looked down.

"What's wr-?" He started to ask before Zayn sat between us, Arm wrapped around both our shoulders.

"Vas Happenin'?!" He asked with a large smile. A smirk Aimed to me. I faked a smile and drunk my drink...



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