Save Me


2. Thanks for the Help?

Harry's P.O.V

I sat there in the uncomfortable purple chair that they had set up for me and the boys for our interview. I didn't really want to be here. I was bored. Sure, I loved my fans to death, but honestly, they don't really need to know the personal stuff about my life. I mean, why do they need to know? My thoughts were then interrupted by the interviewer. I think they told me his name was Joseph..?

"Harry? Oh Harry? We have a question for you!" the annoying cleanly shaved man had exclaimed.

"Oh, yes?"

"All of us fans want to know, are you dating anyone at the moment?"

I just sat there. Did I really have to answer this question? Yeah I was dating someone... But it's none of their business to know. Louis nudged my shoulder. I glared at him. I looked back at the interviewer and said, "I don't really know yet." I made sure to say it with annoyance and a bit of anger.

The interviewer started to talk again. "Well, we just wanted to-" He got cut off by all the lights going out.

The interviewer started to worry. "Dude, calm yourself..." Niall said while patting his back. The interviewer went to the door and wen outside. I turned around to look through the huge glass window behind us. When I looked out, every single building had no light. It kind of made me scared... The interviewer came running in and locked the door. He ran over to us with his eyes wide open. 

"You okay?" I asked.

"There are.... M-M-Monsters... A-A-Aliens...." he stuttered.

We all started to laugh. I swear, I started to cry. We all stopped laughing once a someone blasted through the roof. I looked up and saw a big hole in the ceiling.  What's happening???


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