Save Me


1. What Happened??

Harry's P.O.V.

I sat there in the purple uncomfortable chair that they had set up for me and the boys for the interview. I didn't really want to be here. I was bored. I mean, I love my fans and all, but why do they have to know so much about my personal life? My thoughts were interrupted by the interviewer. I think they told me his name was Joseph?

"Harry? We have a question for you!"

"Oh, Yes?" I had said in an innocent way. I didn't want to sound rude.

"All of us fans would like to know if you are dating anyone at the moment?"

I just sat there. Do I really have to answer this question? Yeah, I was dating someone... But it's none of their business. Louis nudged my shoulder. I glared at him. I looked back at Joseph, and said, "I don't know yet." I made sure I said it with annoyance and a bit of anger so he would know not to ask again. But that didn't stop him!

"Well, we just wanted to-" His response got cut off by all the lights turning off. Joseph quickly got out of his seat, and ran over to the door. He opened it and went outside. I looked behind me to look outside the huge glass window. I saw that the whole city's power had been shut off. In a way, it scared me... Joseph sprinted back inside and locked the door. Niall jumped up and asked if he was okay. All he could say was, "There's... M-M-Monsters... No... A-A-Aliens!!!!" 

We all just looked at each other. I fell on the floor with laughter. Zayn didn't laugh though.  We stopped laughing when a something blast through the roof. I looked up slowly to see a huge hole in the ceiling. What's happening???

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