Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


11. Chapter 10- Welcome to Hell, Enjoy your Stay.

Chapter 10 - Welcome to Hell, Enjoy your stay

My legs were practically jello by the time we made it to the clearing. The first thing I noticed as we shuffled out of the woods was gigantic gas sign that seemed to read 'hell' in upside down numbers, as if put there by Satan himself.


"Defiantly an upgrade." Bob whispered behind me.

I couldn't help the small grin that tugged at the corner of my mouth as we walked.

The gas station was completely covered in immense greenery. Huge tree trunks sagged against it and a thick leafy coat made it impossible to see what was on the other side. Everyone huddled around the brush, mentally deciding whether or not to continue into the unknown.

"You see something?" Bob asked Daryl who was peering awfully close to the plants.

"I dunno, maybe." He answered back, strutting around close to it.

I came closer, noticing something strange around where Daryl was searching.

Pulling some twigs and a bundle of leaves back my question was answered.

"Excellent!" Bob exclaims coming up behind me. The tire of medium sized Honda was like a diamond in the rouge.

"Great, now let's get this shit off of it." Daryl said pulling a gigantic branch off the top.

A few thousand leaves later, the vehicle was free from its flora prison. Daryl kneeled inside the car, running two wires together, trying to manually turn it on.

"He really is a redneck then?" I ask Bob who had strangely become my new partner in crime in a matter of hours.

"What? The motorcycle, crossbow, and all-American accent didn't give it away?" He asked imitating Daryl's southern slang.

I tried desperately to contain my giggles as Daryl pulled himself out of the passenger seat.

"We gotta find ourselves a new battery."

"What about inside the station?" I say peering at the car's trunk.

He hasn't said it, but I know why Daryl's thinking. If we don't get this hunk of metal moving by evening, there's no way in the world we are going to make it back it time.

Next to the car is a dusty, but partly vi sable window. Leaning in and licking his fingers, Daryl proceeds to wipe the dust away, only to jump back as two large hands press themselves up against the glass.

At first his expression is that of horror, but then it forms into a small grin, "Got some friends inside."

"C'mon, those bastards won't know what hit 'Em." I state, pulling out my hunting knife and striding for the entrance.

"How do we get in exactly?" Bob asks when we reach what seems to be the entrance which is completely covered, if not thicker than the car was.

"It's clear's the only one was got." Daryl says, he wasted no time pulling the beaches off one by one.

And we follow, with Bob and Tyreese on the left side hacking away, Michonne in the middle, and Daryl and I on the right side chopping off the remainder of twigs. Tyreese's grunts echo through the lot. They're so loud I begin to check over my shoulder for stranglers who might want to make a pit stop.

"Hey man go easy."

He's violent now; his muscles strain to pry the lock off its hinges. I stop hacking to look over at him, Bob has stopped as well, everyone seems to be distracted by this grunts and violent jerks, even Daryl.

And that is his mistake. Suddenly a monstrous howl rumbles from behind me. I spin around to find a rotting arm tugging on Daryl's jacket from inside the greenery.

"Shit!" I shout as Michonne pushes past me and slices the arm, freeing Daryl. It's like the spark that sets off the explosion. Now dozens of rotting body parts emerge from the flora, trying to snag a price of us. I don't think, I just move. Slicing off appendages like it's my day job, my muscles from a rhythm. Stab.Slice.Move.Stab.Slice.Move. Finally all but one remains. Tyreese is still clutching one, holding on for dear life.

"TY!" We all scream in unison.

"Let go of him!" I yell trying to pull him away, but instead getting knocked on my ass. This distracts Ty for just a second, allowing the drooling freak to pounce on him. But Daryl is faster, smacking the walker to the ground with full force. I'm ready, and My knife finds it's target; right on the forehead.

"What the hell was that?" Michonne says as we all catch our breath. Tyreese makes no effort at answering though, huffing like a wild animal.

"Well maybe you should think about the group before you pull another stunt like that again." I say trying to regain oxygen.

"C'mon Dawn, Bob. Let's go find that battery." Daryl says now fully recovered. Michonne is the only one left to stay with Tyreese and she didn't look too happy about it. To be honest I wouldn't either.

Before we entered the station I looke back at Michonne and the local psycho who were now walking back towards the car, splitting our group in two. Turning to Bob I whispered, "Yeah. Defiantly an upgrade."

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