Nine Lives

Dawn Cooper has always been the one to protect her family. But when Daryl Dixon steps into her life, will she let him protect her? Read this Walking Dead/ Daryl Dixon Fanfiction to follow the zombie apocalypse as seen by Dawn Cooper.


2. Chapter 1: Into the Woods

Chapter 1: Into the Woods

Six months. That's how long its been. Six long agonizing months. Full of death, tears, and sweat.

There were more of us at one point. Five to be exact; Austin, Jack, Piper, Annie, and I. Now it's just me and Alice, wondering through the woods alone.

"Dawn, when are we going to stop for food?" Alice questioned. Alice is my younger sister, and everything I am not. Blonde, blue eyed, perfectness. Even with first caked on her bright green tank top and face she still looked like a goddess.

"Soon Alice, I want to walk for a couple more yards. If the map we looked at back at the turn was right, then that town should be up ahead. We can eat there."

"Okay. " she said sighing. Compared to Alice's golden blonde locks, my deep red curls were merely incomparable. I was "blessed" with moderately pale skin, emerald green orbs, and a splash of freckles like my mother. Alice received my fathers California surfer appearance, which made us complete opposites. There also was a nine year age difference between us, Alice sixteen myself twenty-five, so we never really saw eye to eye very much.

We had come nearly 500 miles from Orlando Florida to see some of our relatives that live near Atlanta. But when the virus hit and most of our family members were killed, there was nothing we could do but travel south and hope for a miracle.

As we approached the clearing where the town was located Alice stretched out her arm to stop me.

"Alice wha-"

"Shhh! Do you hear that?"

At first I was puzzled as to what had spooked my sister. But as the seconds ticked by I heard it; a faint rustling in the greenery behind us. Slowly I drew my weapon, a small hunting knife, And gestured for Alice to do the same. The rustling was growing louder and louder as if a stampede if animals were charging towards us.

Holding my breath, I prepared for the worst. As the threat breaks through the trees my muscles relax, but only for a second. Although the entity making the rustling was not a hoard of walkers, it was something equally as dangerous. People.

Two men who looked to be in their late 30s early 40s stop in their track on sight of us. The man closest to Alice had a full salt and pepper beard and piercing blue eyes. He wore a faded brown shirt and equally faded black pants. In one hand he held a pistol, which was pointed dangerously close to my baby sister's head. The other man was almost his opposite. His hair was dark brown that clung to his face, small stubble framed his mouth. The stranger wore a maroon shirt with a black sleeveless vest that exposed his bulging muscles. Instead of a pistol, he carried an unusual weapon... A crossbow. Which was pointed straight at my forehead.

Time seemed to stand still while we examined each other, when finally the bearded man spoke,

"Are you bit?"

Alice speaks up before I am stop her, "No we were just heading to this nearby town, maybe you know it? Woodbury."

The survivors exchange glances before he readjusted his weapon and spoke again,

"I don't think you want to do that, the place got overrun months ago."

My heart sunk down to the forest floor. What were we going to do now?

"Do you have a camp nearby?" Alice questioned.

"Alice!" I hissed expecting they would shoot us right then and there. The pair exchanged glances once more as if to confirm something.

"Yes." He said readjusting his gun for a second time.

"Could we possibly come back with you?" My sister continued. I had given up on trying to hush her.

"I'd have to ask both of you a couple questions first."

"Of course, ask us anything we have nothing to hide." Alice exclaimed holding her hands out.

"Not here, we have a place for this, but first i need to check you for weapons."

And with permission from each of us, he lowered his weapon and proceeded to pat Alice down, then me. I flinched with every contact, trying not to look uncomfortable. I managed to sneak a peek at the other man who had stood silently by his partner's side this whole time. Now as he stood his ground, muscles bulging, keeping the crossbow pointed at my face, a small spark of curiosity lighted inside me.

After he was done the bearded man handed out knifes back to us, but not before saying in almost a whisper,

"Let me make this very clear. If you try anything, Anything,I can promise you one thing. You will lose."

His expression firm and unyielding, I knew he meant what he said. I nodded and followed the couple into the near brush.

Ya know...It's funny, how one moment can change a persons life, and they don't even notice until later.

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