In Love With Deaths Daughter.

Being the new girl in school is difficult. Especially when you're already in year 10. Double especially when your skin is so pale it's almost white, and your hair is jet black. Let's just say Delilah Miraude walks into her new school, Matcha High, expecting to either be mocked for her strange apperance, or ignored. But when Lucas Kenilwort, totally stunning nice guy, tries to ask her out, let's just say, things take a turn for the more interesting. Can Delilah convince him to just stay friends for his saftey, or will his overwhelming charms break down her walls, putting him at risk of her father's wrath? And will Delilah wake up on graduation day to find the sign that means she has to take her father's place.


1. Delilah's P.O.V.

I walk into my first class, almost late, of course, since my dad had a surprise appointment, and my mum had to wake up and drive me. Sometimes, it annoys me that his boss can't be bothered to let him know, like, in advance when he'll have to be working. It's so annoying.

      I feel everyone's eyes on me, and I stare at the ground and shuffle to an empty desk. I like math class. It's not too hard, and my mum's a math professor so she can always help me.                                     Once I feel that everyone's probably stopped looking at me, I discreetly look around at my classmates. Basically, just a bunch of of teenager girls and guys showing their new tans and "Sun bleached" hair from the summer. I literally look like a ghost among them. But my eyes freeze on one person.                                                                                                                                                                      A guy a couple seats away from me, with brown hair, and hazel eyes. He's the only person in the room other from the teacher who obviously hasn't over-tanned. He's looking straight at me, into my plain green eyes, and a small shiver goes down my spine. I blush slightly and look down to my desk, and wait for the teacher to start his introduction.                                                                                                   Our teacher, Mr Thompson, starts attendance, and I listen for the boy to say "Here". I'm not some creeper person, I just sort of want to know his name. Evan if it doesn't mean anything. Even if I know it can't mean a single thing. The names pass by, Audrey Bassia, Geoffrey Calder, Caden Demiroe, until, finally, the teacher calls whit I presume is his name."Lucas Kenilworth?"                                  I see the boy jump, and raise his hand in my peripheral vision. Lucas. That's a nice name.                    You know, sometimes its sucks, being who I am. With the father I have. I'm not allowed to date anyone, and with me, it's an insanely strict rule. Because if I break it, my dad will get angry. He'll forgive me, but he'll detest whoever the guy is. 

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