Being Bullied, Love next???

Ariana Smith has been tortured in high school. She has this huge crush on the school's bad boy for a couple of years. Jason. Jason is his name. One day their lives are going from wrong to right. But there is a twist in Ariana's Point of view


1. Intro

Hey Guys...

My Name is Ariana Smith. I'm a average high school girl. I am 16 years old. To be honest,  i really hate school, its HELL. That's not the only thing about school. I get bullied. Bullied by these jocks. The main leader is Jason Parker. He scares the hell out of me. 


Jason Parker's POV

Hey... The name is Jason. Jason Parker. I'm not your typical cute guy and all. I'm a high school boy. but the thing about high school. I bully this girl name Ariana. She probably thinks i'm a bad person. which is true. but i only bully her to get her attention. i know right. how lame. but i think she is beautiful and cute. but anyways that's just me



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