Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


10. Chap 9



I looked over to the clock and it was 3:32 a.m. I quietly got up and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. No one was in there so i was good. I went to the fridge and got some milk out and got a glass. I looked out the window and looked out at my hill....

I saw some guy and girl out there? I tried getting a closer look but i couldn't tell. I finished my drink quickly and quietly sneaked out the door. I walked out and hid behind a bush. I didn't know either of them. "Why are you on my property?!" I yelled towards them. They both turned...

"Christy?! What the hell?" I walked over to them "I thought you were out of town still." "Ugh no, were you just about to... with him?!" She looked away from me. "What's your name?" "Blake.." "Blake get the hell out of here." He got up and just left. "Christy... really? That?" She shrugged her shoulders and got up. "So how are you and the guys?" "Been better, why are you here?" "This is the most romantic spot! You weren't home.." "How many?"

She looked away. "How many?" She still wouldn't answer. "Holy shit Doug... (Thats her nick name) Why? How many?!" "3 okay! I was upset when you freaking left." I just closed my eyes and took a deep breath. "Condoms and birth controls.. .right?" She nodded. "No STD's?" She laughed shaking her head. "Thank god... just, no more okay...." She nodded. "Okay what the hell?!" She said pointing to my neck. "I got into an accident, nothing bad." 

"So how are the lads?" "Eh... nothing different really." She nodded. "Well im going to go home now... text me tomorrow? Well later today." I nodded and she started going home. I didn't want to be out here anymore, but i did't want to go inside either. I went into the woods and walked to the big creek. Christy can't know shit, even though i want to tell her... I sighed and sat down. I put my feet into the crystal clear water, it was cold but it felt nice. 

I heard Tyler's voice, I turned looking for him, but he wasn't anywhere. "Where is Alex?" "I don't know outside?" My eyes grew wide, they were still at the house?! I listened more. "I will just grab my jacket then we can go and search for her. I looked down at the stitching, is that even possible? I started listening out towards the par.. "Daddy push my higher!" "Alright, alright honey." Then i felt someone touch my shoulders, making me jump. "Why are you out here?" I tried focusing on his mind, not working. "I don't know." "Let's go." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next day, the lads said they wanted to head out to town. I let them and i wanted to try something. I sat and listened. "Why did your dad take your game boy away?" "I don't know! I hate my dad so much." "Well i hate my mom i don't want to be forced to stay at the park." "I hate parents." I tried switching to a different group of people... "Honey, do you want to go out and eat here?" "This place is expensive though!" "Your worth it though.." Aww! "So why do you think Alex was out in the woods?" "I'm not sure... lately i haven't been able to focus on her mind." "Try it now." There was silence. "Nothing. You guys try." ~~~~~~~ "Nothing...." "Louis?" "I can hear her... well kind of." "We should maybe head back?"

I stopped, i can't take this anymore, i was getting a headache. But the problem was i couldn't stop hearing people. "Oh! Ice cream mummy!" "What the fuck! Don't rob me." "We should go on a picnic." Random conversations!! I tried plugging my ears, nothing was working. "Were home!" Tyler yelled. I ignored him just holding my head. "Alex? Are you alright?" He came to me. "No i have a headache!" Louis came in, he was focusing on my mind... but the pain stopped. I let my head go and sighed. "Headache gone?" I nodded. "Weird... But that's good." Tyler went back to the other side of the house, putting the cloth up. Louis was giving me strange looks. "What Louis?"

Then the headache randomly came back, i grabbed my head. "Can you hear me?" I heard his voice. I couldn't respond, this was hurting! It stopped and i felt water in my eyes ready to spill over. "I'm going to get some sleep." I mumbled. He left and i just went to bed.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


The next morning i saw Louis sitting in a chair starring at me. "What the fuck?" I mumbled. "Can you hear me?" His voice came into my mind. I didn't respond. "Why are you here?" "You were talking a lot, i was just checking on you." He got up and left. I sighed, but feeling a weird pain. I sat up and looked at the mirror. My mouth was hurting, bad. I quickly went to the kitchen, ignoring the weird faces and grabbed an ice pack, instantly feeling better. I heard Christy... talking to Blake? "I'm breaking up with you Blake... that was a mistake." "Babe please?" "No, im going to Alex's bye!" She was frustrated, and i heard her walking towards the house. *15 minutes later* I walked towards the door, seeing Christy. My mouth stopped hurting and i walked out there. "Hey girly!" "Yo!" I said hugging her. "So i broke up with Blake..." "I kn- oh?" She nodded.

"it was a mistake... besides i still have feelings for Dylan and Louis." I laughed, we walked towards the hill and just laid there in silence. Well, for her anyway. "Christy's here." "Dylan don't seem so excited!" "Sorry man... you know i like her!" "Well ask her out then." "She just broke up with Blake." "So...." Christy said. "I have a boy friend..." She sat up and smiled. "Tyler?" I nodded and she laughed. I knew it!" We laughed and i heard Louis again. "Can you hear me?" I pushed it off. "Louis why are you so quiet?" "I'm trying to hear Alex's thoughts..." "We already went through this, we all can again." "I know..." 

"Girl are you day dreaming?" I looked to her. "Yeah sorry... i am just tired." "Should i go...?" "No.. but i think i know... Dylan likes you too.." Her eyes grew wide. "Really?!" I nodded. "Ill be back." I walked to the house and grabbed Dylans arm. "Dylan i know you like Doug!" He blushed. "Bro she likes you to, go ask her out!" He laughed. "I don't know." I sighed pushing him off towards Christy.

My mouth started hurting again, i walked back to those two, "Alex.. thanks!" Christy said. I nodded, not wanting to talk. "You okay?" Dylan said. I nodded again. "Talk then." "I got to go Dyl... come over later?" He nodded and she walked away, smiling like an idiot. "Anyways..." Dylan said. "I'm fine." He stared at me. "What." I felt my teeth... i just walked away, and into my room. "Alex?" Tyler asked coming into my room. "What?" I was standing in front of the mirror, leaning over it looking at myself. I opened my mouth. Louis turned me?!?! My eyes were going between my blue ones to a light purple. "Are you okay?" "Yes..." The teeth were fully out and the eyes, stayed the purple. "Look at me please." "No, i just don't feel good." Now they were going away... Once gone i faced him. "You sure your okay?" I nodded, he came over and hugged me, then kissing me. "Alright..." He rubbed my back. "Can you her me?" Louis said again. "Fuck you!" I thought. He came bursting into the room. "Tyler let go of her." I felt the teeth coming back, the eyes... I looked down. "Why?" Louis pushed him away and i just sat down on the floor. 

"It's a full moon..." "Yeah so?" I looked up at both of them and Tyler's yes went wide as did Louis's. "LOUIS WHAT THE HELL MAN! DID YOU FUCKING TURN HER!?" The rest of the lads came into the room. "What are we going to do.." "Get Derek, now." Tyler and Dylan left to find him. "Niall what is wrong with me?" I felt tears coming to my eyes. "Just... Louis, might have bit you at some point? Your being turned... but not fully." "Whose Derek?" 

"He.. has been a wolf longer... Derek will help you through this... he can control himself during the full moon." I looked at all of them. "Louis i can't believe you did this..." "I didn't think this could happen! I don't remember biting you." I just got up and looked in the mirror, the claw marks were slowly going away. "Alex." I heard an unfamiliar voice say. "Alex, Derek is going to help you..." I turned to face him. "I don't want your help." I spat. "Oh but you will." I looked towards my window. "Don't even think about it." Derek said. I glared at him, and did it anyway,i was running a lot faster then usual, and i was still in part human form. But it all failed when i was pushed to the ground and pinned down by Derek. "You will obey me." "And if i don't?" "There will be consequences." 

"Blake stop calling me!" "No.. im coming now!" *Beep.* I got out of his grasp and ran towards Christy's house, but looking for Blake. It was like i had no control in what i was doing. "Alex!" I heard his voice in my mind, then i had that huge headache again. "You will obey me, or the consequences will get worse." I gave glares at him and just sat there. "I don't want you near me!" "You have to put up with me for a while, so shut up and deal with it." I just rolled my eyes. "But there is something unusual about you... only 3 wolves have the color purple." I looked up at him. "But your the first with that shade of purple." I heard Blake getting closer. Derek grabbed my arm and we hid in the bushes. "Christy!!PLEASE FORGIVE ME!" "No! Go away! I have a boy friend already." Blake looked pissed, and just walked off. "Well we better get started on your training." "Now?!" "Sooner the better."


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