Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


4. Chap 3


 8:12 a.m May 19

I woke up, thinking all of what happened was a very... very dramatic night mare. But it wasn't. I sat up, i noticed the guys must have went back to the house, because some of my stuff was here. I got up of the bed and looked through the bags. Luckily they got all my skinny jeans and my favorite shirts. I changed into my grey skinny jeans and black tank top. I grabbed my phone, the guys must have charged it. I peeked through the door and i saw they were all asleep.

I shut the door and looked towards the window, i started opening it when the door opened. "You can't leave." Liam said. "I don't want to be here!" I was almost out the window when Liam grabbed me and pulled me back inside. I looked into his eyes. Red?

"Liam why the hell are you wearing colour contacts?" He seemed startled. "I just like the colour." He let me go and quickly left the room. I stood there, but then ran to the door and went out there. "Liam coloured contacts can mess with your eyes!" The guys looked at him, and saw the red eyes. "Alex it's fine. He wears them sometimes. The doctors said nothing would mess with them." Zayn reassured me. I just stared into the red eyes, then i turned around and went back to my room. I got my phone out and i texted Doug

Me: Liam apparently wears red contacts.

Christy: Um.. why?

Me: I don't know, i really don't.

Christy: Where are you all at now?

Me: Right outside of town in a cabin.

Christy: I see... that's still bugging me. Why i mean..

Me: I know.. i'll text you later.

Christy: Alright, be careful.

I put my phone in my pocket, and i keep picturing those red eyes. It didn't look like they were contacts and a few minutes before, they were his normal colour. I laid down on the bed, looking up at the ceiling. 

Red eyes. Strong grip. Brown eyes. I can't stop thinking this through it's impossible for him to put those contacts on in a few seconds. I looked back to the window. I opened it again and looked down to the ground. I jumped out of the window and looked around. I walked towards the woods, it was beautiful. The green leaves.... the little creek! I sat next to the creek and looked into the crystal clear water. How can it be so perfect? It was about noon now, i loved being out here. 

I heard a stick break and i looked up. Nothing was there, or around me. I shrugged it off and continued looking at the creek. *Snap* I shot up again, still nothing. Again, back to the creek but i saw something in it now. It wasn't clear it was turning into a light red. I got up and looked around. I decided to walk back.... but, which direction?

I just turned the opposite direction i was facing and walked that way. I heard more snaps, i walked faster. Soon i was running as fast as i could until i saw the house. "Alex! Why did you go out there?!" Niall shouted. "I was bored!" I walked up to the front porch and he met me there. 

"You can't wonder off like that with no one to watch you." He looked up and out towards the woods, and made a slight nod. He looked back to me, "Go inside please." I nodded and went in there. 

Zayn's p.o.v

When i couldn't smell her scent, the lads didn't either, i said "I'll wolf up, i'll watch her." They nodded, i morphed and ran on all fours to the woods. Once i saw her i kept quiet, and watched her. She was looking down into the little creek. This used to be where the guys and i used to hang out all the time. 

She was very curious, he dad used to talk about her all the time. I just don't know how we are going to explain what we are to her. She wasn't scared when she was younger. Then again we were puppy's and she was a baby. Now, we are full grown were wolves and we have a job to protect Alex the best we can.

But, we should have followed her out there, so she wouldn't have to watch her father die like that. It was horrible... but she isn't the only one. John has messed with all of our family's, but hers is gone.

I smelled the air, John was near. John is well aware we are wolves. But no one knows what he is. Mike said he thought he saw him turn into a creature but... he wasn't for sure. 

"If he is a creature, you lads have to really watch her 24/7 or change her.... and train her." We thought it was a bad idea to change her. "Guys you know you have to do what is best for her.... this is not a certain thing anyway." She was only 9 at the time. "She would have to have years of experience..." I trailed off. We were all 11. "Let's not talk about this now, go back to your mothers."

I shook my head, we hated that thought. It would ruin her life. *Snap* I shot my head up and looked around. John was walking towards me. I did a low growl. "Shut up mutt!" He whispered hissed. I ran up to him and bit his arm, he stayed quiet but the blood went into the creek. I let him go and he ran off. I watched Alex's reaction to the water and that's when she decided to leave. I kept stepping on sticks, to make her run faster. Once she went up there Niall started talking to her. He looked up, he saw me nod, then he nodded.

 Once she was inside i was human and went in through the window, and back to the living room. 

Alex's p.o.v

"Well, what was my dad talking about i need to know. It's going to bug me." I said to them all. "We don't know! If we knew we would tell you." Dylan exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and went back up to my room. I locked the door and i went to my bags. Nothing of my fathers, except for a necklace. It was a wood carving of a wolf paw in a circle. I put it on, he gave this to my mum before she got killed... he gave it to me a while after that.

I sighed, looked down at it again, before getting up and sat on my bed.

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