Hi. I'm Alex, and i have been scared for most of my life. My mum died when I was younger and I have been with my dad. Strange things have been going on and I never understood till now. Till after I met the 7 lads I call, my Protectors


11. Chap 10

I kind of edited the color of the eye.... so that's What Alex's wolf eyes look like! :)

*Might want to get on a computer to see the image, not sure if  you can on iPad.. if that's how your reading.. and it wont show on Ipod.*



We headed back to the house, this was fucking stupid, i didn't want to be with.. Derek. "You can hate me all you want... but im here so you don't go and kill someone." I grumbled and just followed him. When we got back to the house the other guys were starting to form also. "We are going to go into the woods.. Alex listen to him." They all ran towards the woods and i sat on the couch. "Get up." "No." "Get up!" I got up and glared at him. "Glaring wont get rid of me." "Shut up and tell me what to do."

 "Well we can't do things quite yet... since your partly turning. You aren't a full wolf so you will have everything just not the fur and the changing." I nodded. "But what we need to do is chain you down." "Is there a way to get rid of this?" He thought a moment. "I'm not sure, but come with me please." I sighed, running my tongue along my teeth, the wolf ones. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Once we reached the house, the lads were nearly there to being fully morphed. "Get chains." Tyler quickly did, and handed it to him.. Tylers blue eyes... I was pushed against the tree, he quickly wrapped the chain around me and the tree, locking it. "Jeez! Tight enough?" I spat. He walked around the tree slowly. "Hmm... maybe." I roll my eyes, he tightened the chain and i held back a yelp in pain. "There we go." I glare at him, i hate Derek.

"Hate all you want princess." He leaned in inches from my face. "But your stuck with me." He patted my head, i kicked him in his.... lower area. He grunted a little bit but stayed standing. "Trust me Alex, im not afraid to hit a girl." He walked off.I was pissed off, if he touches me, i will kill him. "Alex behave." Tyler said, in his mind. " No." He sighed. Derek came back out.. "You better not fucking use that on me." I said looking at the whip. "Then we better hope you be good." "Are you fucking serious?!" He pulled back. "Don't think i wont!" I felt the claws coming out, i wanted to kill him. I started pulling against the chain. No use. This was my new life?

I heard Christy coming. "Better figure something out. Doug wants to see me." I smirked at him.He sighed, going over to her. "Tyler get me out of these." Tyler was hesitating. "Babe please." I pouted. "Tyler no." I ad an idea i thought to only him. "I will rock you again...." I smirked at him. But that didn't work. I sighed.Derek came back, grabbing the whip.

"She will be back in a couple days." I nodded leaning my head back.The lads were fully changed now. The night went by slowly, i had no control in what i was doing, i tried escaping... but i didn't feel myself moving. It was weird. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning, i opened my eyes. Claws gone, teeth gone.. guessing eyes too. The chain was off thank goodness. I just closed my eyes again, trying to go back to sleep. Thats when someone put water on me! I jumped up and looked for who did it. "WHAT THE HELL DEREK!?" He was up in the tree. "No need to cuss sweet heart. Time to train." "Fine, i'll be back." I went inside, grabbed Tylers arm and we went to my room. "Run into the woods with me.. i don't want to train with him." "I want to but... Derek can and is trying to help you." I walked over to him, kissing him. "Guess im on my own.." I tried walking out but he picked me up and sat me on the desk. "No.. come on you need this training." I glared at him, he put on a smile. "Fine." When jumping off, i hit his.. on the way down. "I guess i'll go train." I left and went outside. "Ready?" I nodded and he ran towards me, i dodged him. "What are we doing?" "Fighting obviously. You have to learn how to defend your self." He came at me again, knocking me to the ground. I groaned, holding my head. "Get up." I ignored him. "GET UP!" He yelled. I got up and charged after him. Of course he dodged and pushed me forwards. I help my mouth, it was bleeding some. 

"I fucking hate you." I said getting up. He charged at me and i dodged and tripped him. He only brought me down with him, pushing me to the ground and holding me there. I felt my teeth come out. "Don't you part wolf up." He got up, i faced him. "Better not, you will not like me when i am in the same state. I felt the claws.. He did the same, he was fast, he ran at me pushing me up against a tree. I yelled in pain. "Warned you." He pressed harder. The lads were watching through the door. Great. Derek dropped me and i held my back. "Get up!" He barked at me. I refused to, He picked me up, pushing me up against the tree, hand around my neck. "You will obey me!" I was chocking! "LET ME GO DOUCHE!" I kicked him in the groin and he back away holding himself. I took the chance and started running away. He was scarring me.

I was running pretty fast, i turned and saw Derek coming. I continued to run, he was getting closer. Soon my body was pushed to the ground, i was in a bunch of pain. "You think that stunt was funny?" "No." I replied. "Derek, your to rough with her." Tyler said. I turned to face him. "Tyler get out of here." "No, we didn't ask you to come down here and abuse her!" I slowly got up, only to be pushed up against a tree. "She needs to learn, Tyler." "Explain the bloody fucking mouth?!" Derek pushed me towards him. "Fine. We will continue tomorrow." Derek walked off. "I hate him with a passion." Tyler just hugged me. "I know.." "I need to lay down, my back hurts really bad." He nodded, we walked to the house and i laid down on the couch. 

"Derek was that rough?" Zayn asked. "Yeah." Tyler said for me. "Holy shit, sit up a minute." Harry said. I did and he lifted my shirt. "She is done training. She can't heal that fast, this is a bruised up mess." Tyler walked next to Harry. I just pulled my shirt back down, and laid back down. "Your done." Tyler said handing me a big ice pack, i put it under my back. "Good... that was complete hell." Derek bursted into the room. "Unless you want her killed, she needs to stay in training."

"Nearly killing her isn't helping any!" Derek walked over to me. "Fully turn her then. Or i will." "No! Her life will be ruined. There isn't a cure for full wolves there is for her now." "Look, she needs this training. Turn her or i will!" Tyler looked at me. "Were not turning her and you aren't either. We are her protectors, this, will make her life worse." Derek laughed. "Protectors?" They all nodded. "Okay.. either she stops complaining... or i'll turn her myself." He lets me go, "If there is a complaint tomorrow. Princess, your going to have your life turned around.


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