Unexpected Additions||N.H.

What happens when two long time friends hook up and others find out? Find out in Unexpected Additions!


5. that night.

It was about two am, and Heather was sleeping. I woke to find Niall wide awake, right in front of me.

"Morning princess!" He whispered

"Niall its two am why'd you wake me?" I groaned

"I just wanted to see your beautiful face." He smirked

I hit him with a pillow. "Go back to bed Niall."

"Awe" he whined "I don't wanna, I wanna mess around!"

No sooner did the words leave his lips, he was right on top of me. I felt our lips meet, and I opened, letting his tongue enter my mouth. We made out for about 5 minutes, and then he pulled back.

"Let's go upstairs and continue this party." He laughed.

So we went upstairs to his room. I sat on the edge of his bed. Within about ten seconds of me sitting down, Niall had rolled me over onto my back, and draped over me. We kissed again, and I felt his hand rub my stomach, slowly going up into my shirt, and wiggling to undo my bra clasp. I giggled. He had undone my bra, and slipped it off. He was now beginning to rub my breasts. His kisses started traveling down, to my neck, then he took of my shirt. He kept traveling down and soon was kissing my stomach. He stopped at my pant-line. He looked up at me...

"And just where do you think you're going?" I giggled

"Awe come on, please?" He begged.

"Hmm... Let me think about it. Ok, fine."

He had pulled down my yoga pants with his teeth, and had started to sit up, unzipping his pants. He reached into his pocket and grabbed a condom.

He slowly entered me. I moaned with pleasure. About an hour later, we were passed out on his bed, him still on top of me.

**note** not doing any more chapters tonight. Will do one tomorrow after school and homework.. Luv ya all night!

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